Brace Yourselves Ladies as The Beautified Network presents “Queens Arising!”

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I was one of those personally disappointed last year when President Buhari said his wife belongs to his kitchen, his living room and za oza room. Quite a distasteful speech if you ask me  especially when you consider that fact that he was speaking as a guest Angela Merkel,  of one of the most powerful women in the world. Some say he meant it as a joke, others said its his own internal family issue. Story biko. The damage was done.

 In an age where many feel women are meant to be relegated to the background, some destiny-conscious ladies aint having non of that crap. 
Introducing QUEENS ARISING, a conference put together by The Beautified Network. If you are a lady,  you dont want to miss this. The line-up of speakers includes some of the amazing ladies in the fore-front of women empowerment in Nigeria.

This will be the 4th Beautified DIVA Series tagged Queens Arising… an intimate gathering for women who are ready to rise and reign. It holds on Saturday January 28, 2017 and exceptional women who are indeed sitting on their thrones as queens and living up to their roles in all ramifications will address different aspects of a woman’s life to enable her rise and reign in these aspects-business, career, marriage, ministry, singlehood and finance. 

The lineup of speakers include –

  • Yetunde Bankole Bernard, the Identity Coach who is the Keynote Speaker. 
  • Bunmi George of Shredder Gang,
  • Eziaha Bolajo-Olojo, Food and Fitness Coach, Coach E’ Squad
  • Morenike Molehin, CEO Oak and Teak Interiors
  • Bowale Agboade, Founder Kids Entreprenuer, 
  • Ayo Thompson, award winning Presenter & Radio host, 
  • Funto Ibuoye, Founder The Beautified Network

The gathering will also feature a Heart to Heart session hosted by Tito Idakula where ladies can ask questions that they have been searching answers to and just bare their hearts out.
This is not just an event, it’s a movement, an awakening, a rising of QUEENS the world has been waiting to see manifest. 
Verry limited spaces are available. 
To register send a mail to  

As President Obama leaves office… top 10 Obama pictures.

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In a couple of days, US President Barack Hussein Obama will vacate office. No doubt he has been one of the finest presidents America ever had. I would describe his leadership style in one word………” unconventional “. Here are ten of some my favorite pictures of his unconventional presidency…….

Little boy can’t believe he is actually face to face with Mr President

We will sure miss him.

You made it !!!

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It’s finally here! 2017. I’ll start by saying a big congratulations to us all for making it through 2016. Yes we made it……….made it through the increase in pump price of fuel which we have all gotten used to by now……….made it through the ridiculous dollar exchange rate………….made it through MMM.. (lol). A big congrats to you for making it through your personal struggles which no one knows. Just like Travis Greene sang,  indeed I believe God made a way for us all. 
Welcome to 2017. I just have a special feeling about this year. Probably has something to do with the number 7. Number of perfection and completion. God made the world in 7 days. Believe me this year is going to be lit with miracles.  Yep, miracles. Speaking of which, that’s the word for the year at my church David’s Christian Centre. In 2017 I am a Living Miracle

You are included too. Here’s what I think 2017 will look like: it will be a year to finally get off laziness and work towards the fufilment of your dreams.It doesn’t matter what your dreams are,  they can be actualized but it depends on how hungry and thirsty you are. Here’s one major tip : delete procrastination! 

Don’t do it tomorrow if it can be done today. Don’t do it later if it can be done now. Stop waiting for the perfect time. It will never come. One of my major goals years back was to attain a Masters degree from the University of Lagos. I tried a couple of times but it somehow didn’t work out. Other times I simply postponed it. All this while, my friends who had the same ambition had enrolled and completed their Masters programme. Well, in 2015 I finally decided that enough was enough. I drove to Unilag,  bought the Post Graduate degree from,  wrote the entrance exam…….

…….passed the exam (phew), started the programme ( which was another challenge altogether) and finally completed the programme late 2016. You are all hereby invited to celebrate with me on the occasion of my convocation in Unilag this January 2017.

In 2017 you must take the bull by the horn.  Aggressively pursue your dreams. Don’t limit yourself. Like Nike said……

That’s the key word for this year guys. Just do it. Quit complaining. Quit complacency. Quit wishing. Quit thinking. Just do it.  Don’t even wait to feel like doing it. Don’t rely on your emotions. They are very fickle. Rather rely on your determination.  Be determined ( in Kanu Nwankwo’s voice). 

I’ll stop here for now. But as you progress into the new year and make your plans, remember to make God your guide. That’s the only way they’ll succeed.

Everyman will have his day.

Pictures: Frank Edwards records album with Don Moen at Blackbird Studios, USA

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What do you get when you put one of Africa’s greatest gospel voice in the same studio with one of the world’s most successful gospel recording artiste? ……..a world class gospel album!


Frank Edwards is currently in Nashville, USA working on an album with Don Moen. He was given a tour of the famous Blackbird Studio which ranks as one of the best studios in the world,  having hosted the likes of Seal, Black Eyed Peas,  Maroon 5, Justin Bieber,etc. No doubt the collaboration between these two will easily be one of the best collabos for 2016 in the gospel music scene. ..




The duo are expected to come up with an album that will bless lives tremendously. Frank broke the news on his instagram page…..


More pics below….





We await the album!

Pic. Credit @frankrichboy

Every man will have his day!

Comedian Francis Odega gets his own customized toy, shares inspiring message.

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Life just keeps getting better for Etisalat ambassador and popular actor / comedian Francis Odega. His career took a major boost last year as his popular slangs “gerrarahere”, “for real mehn shiii” and “whollop” landed him with sweet endorsement deals and awards.
Now, he has his own Etisalat branded miniature toy……




The toy looks exactly like him and voices his popular slangs and catch – phrases too. Do y’all see the resemblance?


The comedian shared the news on his instagram page and also displayed his awards won so far. He then left a touching message reflecting on his sufferings before he got to where he is now, quoting that he used to cook a cup of beans with sand….



Congrats to him.
Indeed, everyman will have his day.

Every man will have his day!

Nathaniel Bassey shares hilarious but helpful tips for fasting.

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Ever wondered why you hardly make it through a fast?  Well, Popular Gospel artiste Nathaniel Bassey shared some Interesting and helpful tips for making it through a fast.

The points seem funny but you gotta admit………He made sense. Enjoy…..


1. Avoid frequent trips to your refrigerator. The more you look at those biscuits, cakes, and chocolates, the more they appear unusually beautiful and attractive to you. If you continue, you may suddenly realize those things have voices. And they will call you.

2. Don’t hang around the kitchen when something is being cooked. Most times, your favorite dishes are always prepared when you have decided to fast. And for the strangest reasons, your nose would begin perceiving them strongly in a whole new light. At this point you may even perceive how an ordinary boiling water smells like fried chicken. Just run.

3. Don’t sit staring at someone eating. You naturally gravitate towards something you behold. The glory of food has a way of shinning brighter the moment you decide to fast. Just walk away.


4. This is not the time to hold business meetings at your favorite food joints. Especially those bukas where they openly display the assorted meats and food. When you keep seeing people carry their plates of food to eat, you may suddenly buy that argument that God is a God of grace, and would understand that “body no be fire wood”, and if you broke the fast there and then, that his grace is sufficient for you. Men and brethren, Just run!

5. When it’s time to break the fast, please don’t begin with pounded yam. Abeg ! You may suddenly need God as your Jehovah rapha. Begin with some liquid or fruits. If possible forsake the swallow family till after the fast. If you can.

6. Because you are not eating, your mouth is not busy and that sometimes cause it to release some perfumes. Therefore, some mouth spray and menthol can help. This is not the time to whisper a word of prophecy to someone in their face if your breathe isn’t fresh. They may just fall. And it won’t be the anointing.

7. And if you are doing the liquid only fast, please be informed that custard and Quaker Oats don’t fall into this category.


8. Finally, pray. Fasting without prayer amounts to a personal weight loss program.

God bless you saints. Hope this put a smile on you faces. May you experience God in a new way as you seek him is Season.

Thanks Mr. Bassey. I’m sure “most of us” have been delivered. 😆😅😆

Photo credits @dccisland

Every man will have his day!

Inspiring! Kirk Franklin celebrates 20th wedding anniversary.

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In America where marriages last for seconds, Legendary gospel artiste kirk Franklin recently celebrated his 20th wedding anniversary with his wife Tammy. Awesome. Never even knew he was married for that long.
Read the inspiring message he wrote to celebrate it……..


Can I take my time?!
Get past the jacket, the shoulder pads, and the grill before retainers! Today I celebrate 20 years with this woman! We were young, I was dumb, she came from a good family, I had NO family, but she was patient; not stupid. A prime example of how a good woman can change a man without breaking him down. My past was sketchy…she knew that. She didn’t compromise her standard but helped me reach it. Every song you’ve heard over the last 20 years, she wrote it. She was every lyric, every key change spelled her name. We’ve seen dark days together, but we saw them, TOGETHER. Men can be dumb at times, and want what’s newer, fresher, or what our other “head” thinks is better… But to fail Tammy, is to fail God. To cheat on tammy is to cheat on the kingdom, my children, and even you… Those who trust me to chase Christ with everything I got. I’m not perfect, but I’m still in love…with Tammy. Happy 20th anniversary baby! (See bae I did it without saying something nasty!😋)

Congrats to the lovely couple.

Everyman will have his day.

Every man will have his day!

Vote the Homevida award-winning movie Enitan for Educational Movie of the year 2015

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Hi everyone, remember the short inspiring and touching movie Enitan which won the Homevida award for best short film script in 2011. Well it’s still making waves as it was recently nominated for the Educational Movie of the year 2015 by the Prestigious Education Awards.


The movie was written and produced  by a long – time friend of mine Chris Odeh, Senior Producer at Sozo Films, who also served  as a judge alongside top Nollywood personalities at this year’s Homevida awards.


I’ve watched the movie myself and I must say it’s just the kind of educational films we should promote in Nollywood……so lets do this shall we.

Kindly click on this link to vote.

Click here to watch the movie.

P.s. ….when I said Chris is a long-time friend of mine, I mean a looooooooong-time friend. We go way back………..


This was a pic we took about 17 years ago in Kano. So proud of him and all he has achieved so far.

A family is faced with the challenge of multi-directional transition from the familiar to uncharted territory. A young, career husband has lost his wife, left with a ten year old daughter whose performance in school suddenly creates new worries.

Another woman is stepping in into the lives of father and daughter. Amid all these, Enitan, the challenged daughter is rapidly losing confidence in herself and steadily finding schooling a nightmare. The step mother steps in diagnoses dyslexia? Can she turn the situation around, would she succeed where many others have failed? Enitan is a story with such strong emotional roots, penetrating insight and abiding impressions. It comes with such dramatic pace, bringing out quality in the human spirit. It is both a feast and a learning!

Directed by: Ishaya Bako.
Producer: Sebari Diete Spiff for Homevida
Written: Chris Odeh.
Genre: Short Film.
Year of Production: 2011.

Chris Odeh is a passionate producer, project manager, trainer, marketer and creative scriptwriter with over a decade of experience in the media and entertainment industry of Nigeria.

Chris was born in Ibadan, Oyo State on the 30th of September 1982 to his Dad Late Ambrose and Mum Elizabeth Odeh both from Ibusa in Oshimili North LGA, Delta State. He is a graduate of Mechanical Engineering from Bayero University, Kano, which is the same town he got primary and secondary education in St Louis Primary School and St. Thomas Secondary School respectively.


Chris showed his interest in the entertainment industry as he carved his teeth as a Comedian, an event compere and stage playsdirector with his Christian youth group while in Kano.

In 2008, he moved to Lagos to join the then budding production crew of the premium Inspire Africa’s pan-african talkshow Moments with Mo, hosted by human resources management expert and media entrepreneur Mo Abudu and produced by Pam Ofoegbu.

After a stint that produced 3 seasons of the world class Talk Show with a team of very young and some of the choicest minds the industry has ever seen, Chris moved to Abuja where he worked with BBC trained Director Sebari Diete-Spiff and Mnet New Direction Whiz; Oliver ‘Tambo’ Aleogena. With these great minds, Chris produced, co-produced and managed top-notch productions like the Incorruptibles, 12.30 (feature length movie), ACGSF (Documentary for CBN), Chatroom with Samil Asha (TV Talk Show), AKOTEX Potato Flakes (TV commercial) and more.


In 2011, Chris won the “Best Child Friendly Short Film” on the annual HOMEVIDA AWARDS with his script titled ENITAN; a story about a girl that rose above ger reading incapacity (dyslexia) to become an outstanding student. He pioneered Sozo Films; a hub of creative and skilled story tellers with a mandate to inspire, educate and entertain; shifting paradigms. The company now has 3 instalment with Abuja as the head office, Lagos and Kano. Sozo Films’ clientele includes Sesame Square (USA), WaterAid Nigeria, HSBC Bank, Ebony Life TV, Office of Senator Chris Anyanwu, Homevida, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Better Life, ESSPIN, Northbound Consulting, Africa Magic Channel, Magnus Kpakol (EBS), Right Angle Productions, LUCID Media and lots more. Sozo Films also produces content for PAY TV platforms local and international like MNET, Africa Magic, MYTV, Ibaka TV and a host of others.

Chris has produced several movies including 12.30, Learning Curves, Make A Move, Oloibiri……retold, Dise’s Secret, Once, to mention but a few. TV series in his credit include Taxi, Ali, Maigida, The Tai Show, The Dr Ketch Show, Healthy Tips with Dr. Ketch, Magnus Kpakol gVA etc. He also has a flair for documentaries where he has produced and directed biographies for icons like Arunma Oteh (DG of Securities and Exchange Commission), Rev. Kola Ewuosho (Founding Pastor – Fountain of Wisdom Ministries) and message tools for some international NGOs.

Chris has a strong background in business, a lover of God, fun and people. He is married to the love of his life and friend of many years, Joy and they are blessed with two sons Andre and Chuka.

Everyman will have his day.
Johnson Madichie.

Every man will have his day!

Miraculous escape.

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Saw this accident along Festac – Amuwo link bridge on Friday. The driver is fortunate to be alive. God still performs miracles.

Pics: Sammie Okposo, Eben, Samsong, Kingsley Ike and other gospel artistes storm Jos.

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Jos brings back memories for me. Studied at Command Secondary School Jos. Good to know that the gospel is making waves there. Over the weekend,  top gospel acts Sammie Okposo, Eben, Samsong and others were hosted by House on the Rock Jos for The Encounter concert. Indeed the city will never be d same. Enjoy the pics…


















Picture credits: krixtien Simon Photography.

Everyman will have his day.

Pictures: Bono introduces Ace producer Cobhams Asuquo to United Nations Sec. Gen. Ban Ki Moon

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The Bible does say “seest thou a man diligent in his business? He shall stand before kings and not mean men” prov. 22:29. That was the case for Ace Music producer and singer Cobhams Asuquo who recently had the rare privilege of being introduced to the number one diplomat in the world UN Sec. Gen. Ban Ki Moon by Bono in USA. Read the inspiring story below as shared on his Facebook page. I love the part where protocols were broken for his sake…


Lessons learned :
#1. Your gift will make a way for you.
#2. Value and keep good relationships.
#3. Marry a good wife.

Everyman will have his day.

Pics : Lagos island “follow follow” beggars

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In my early in Lagos,  I usually frequented Lagos island aka èkò for anything I needed.  Ahhh….. Lagos island.The place was just a life saver. Marina was a popular route and still is.



Only problem I had then was the menace of beggars and I’m not talking of the little kid beggars. I’m referring to the able – bodied rascal men who will snoop from behind you the moment they spot you with a bag or some form of purchase. The next thing you hear is their coarse voice ” egbon ejoor find me something”. How many of y’all feel me? At first, your first instinct and reaction will be to hold your bag tight and walk fast but they quickly catch up with you and others join. You begin to wonder ” is there gold on my forehead? No be this small bag i carry”. Those guys used to annoy me. I recently spotted some of those gum-body beggars harrasing some pretty aso-ebi wearing women along marina and i just had a good laugh………




At this point, I will do either of two things. Either I slap somebody………or I slap somebody.


First, one shows up behind you. Then you walk fast, then he walks fast too. Then another joins him, and another and another. It might not be so bad during the day but picture this scenario at night. E no go funny.
Let’s share our experiences guys. How did you handle them when they came at you? and how can the government arrest this trend biko?…..

Everyman will have his day.

Mechanics or Mad men?

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No they are not mad men. Infact they are fully sane. I was on my way home couple of days back when i sighted these three wisemen. I really don’t know why our mechanics have to look this way. ……….



We really can do better than this. One day, we just might arrive here…..



If na so e be, to become mechanic go dey hungry person. Lollll

Everymanwill have his day.

Pictures: Mike Murdock’s recent visit to Nigeria.

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World renowned wisdom teacher Dr Mike Murdock was recently in Nigeria to speak at Commonwealth of Zion Assembly COZA. Here are some of his pictures on arrival at the airport.  I noticed he’s getting older.










#private jet and red carpet tins. We shall get there.

Credit: COZA Facebook page

Popular Comedian / Wazobia FM/TV OAP Babahkay presents “Babahkay Uninterrupted ” A trilogy of comedy, music and stage play.

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One of the most hilarious and creative comedians I know Babahkay is set to take Lagos by storm again with his much awaited show tagged “Babahkay Uninterrupted”

This has been dubbed as one of the most creative entertainment events of the year because for the first time, entertainment lovers will be treated to a trilogy of comedy, music and stage play! Can you beat that!

Babahkay with Akpororo

Babahkay Uninterrupted will feature Mike Abdul, Preye, Henrisoul, MK, Chika 100%, E.Davids, CuteSAGAY, Nikki Laoye, Gordons, Koffi, Elenu, Holy Mallam, McShakara, Koloman, Akpororo, Odogwu, J’oba, Funnybone, Igos, Bowjoint, Pc, Emeka Smith, Ajebo, Romeo, Elenu, Mr Makati, Isaac Gerald, Mc Acapella, Owen Gee, Joe Praise, Grand Komanda, Dj Izy Beatz, EmmaohmyGod, K-Peace and more


Stage Play performance by Wazobia FM/TV cast of Nedu, Lolo1, Ogbolor, Mayowa, Babahkay, Katherine Obiang…..

Date: Sunday, July 26th 2015.
Venue: David’s Christian Centre, Amuwo behind Phcn office by Fagbems filling station.
Time: Red Carpet starts 3pm.

More about Babahkay…..
BABAHKAY is Delta state born comedian, music act, actor and also a Radio and TV presenter on the prestigious Wazobia Fm/Tv in Lagos, Nigeria.

A graduate of theatre arts from delta state University Abraka. Babahkay has performed in major events in Nigeria from comedy shows, music concerts and gospel events. But he is known more for rib cracking jokes which leave millions of audience across the nation rolling on the floor with laughter.

Babahkay started his carrier in 1996 with a gospel Acappela group and since then he has evolved over time perfecting his act and craft as one of the most creative comedian in Nigeria.

As a presenter on radio Babahkay has skillfully mastered the act of reading news on Wazobia FM and TV in fluent Pidgin English and also a comedian sport analyst on radio with Igos the prince of wazobia fm.

Babahkay is pioneer of the popular Comedy show brand known as EFCC which means Extreemely Funny Comedy Concert which has had 5 editions since 2011 but in July 2015 the show is rebranded to be called Babahkay Uninterrupted which will be a blend of comedy ,music and stage play. He is happily married to Jessica

Comedian/ O.A.P on Wazobia FM and Wazobia TV, Babahkay who is known for his rib cracking jokes on stage teams up with Akpororo on a new single titled u too much. The song was produced by the prolific Don Zennith.

Sorry Bruce, A man can NEVER become a woman

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Take a close look. Is this arm male or female?

God is no fool.  God cannot be mocked. If God made you a man, He wasn’t confused when He did. Poor Bruce Jenner, thinking he can change himself into a woman with a $70,000 plastic surgery. …..

Well, this picture has gone viral no doubt but something struck me when I looked at the picture again recently. Notice it?………….He’s actually hiding his arms.Yeah. Thats no picture pose .The plastic surgery may have done some wonders  for his face and breast but like I said, His arms are still very masculine

Here’s a closer look…..

Also , i’d really love to see a picture of his genitals as evidence that he’s now a woman. This is a good reason to be a doubting Thomas.

Truth is, he can only pretend to be a woman but cannot and will never be one . Not just him but all those who have followed this path of confusion. That wasnt God’s plan.tmp_11392-Screenshot_2015-06-16-16-13-11-1-955159952
What they need is prayer not plastic surgery.

May God help us.

Use that rod!

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Saw this on Alibaba’s instagram page and it just made so much sense …


God has blessed us all with gifts and talents. Problem is most of us are totally oblivious of what ours are. And so we envy and lust after others. But if you really look within , you’ll discover that you’ve got something within. That’s step one.
Step two is to then learn how to use it.
Moses always had the rod but he never knew how to use it. So much so that he and the children of Isreal almost perished in the sea ……….AND THE ROD WAS IN HIS HAND!.

Don’t ignore the rod In your own hand. The rod is your gift or your talent. Don’t ignore your it. No matter how small you think it is. It’s able to make all the difference.

Everyman will have his day.

Why okada riders love rain

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Whenever it rains cats, dogs, kangaroos, hipopotammuses and elephants in Lagos, and the streets become flooded, people scramble for safety but not these guys….


For you, it’s a terrible rainfall. For them, it’s the opportunity for a free car wash! I always wonder why they have to wait for rain and floods to give thier bikes a good scrub.



Come to think of it, if you wash your bike with dirty flood water, is your bike really clean at the end of the day.
Everyman will have his day.

Rapper MI’s life under threat? or a joke gone too far

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Award winning rapper Jude Abaga popularly known as MI recently tweeted that his life is under threat from a whatsapp contact….


But when MI chatted further with the fellow and threatened him with the police to show he wasn’t taking chances, the guy quickly “chickened” out claiming it was a joke…..


I really don’t get why people pull these kind of stunts.  How do you threaten someone’s life as a joke? Apparently it wasn’t funny. MI went as far as posting the fellows picture but I’ll be nice enough to leave it out.
Here’s what twitter followers had to say about it…..



Everyman will have his day.

We can learn from this: Buhari driven in “Keke Marwa” in Germany

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You’ve gotta love developed nations. They have a way of making life so simple and easy even when it comes to hosting world leaders. Buhari arrived Germany for the G7 summit recently and was driven to the venue in this………


No convoy, no exotic cars, no body guards, no escorts, just a president being driven in a “keke marwa-like” motor. This speaks volumes about how African governments can cut costs and unecessary flamboyance  when hosting similar events.
If this was Africa, you can be sure of bullet – proof convoys on the ground and surveillance helicopters in the air to do the same job that a simple “keke marwa” would have done.




Everyman will have his day.

Pics: Stanbic IBTC MD Yinka Sanni shares 5 tips on how to have a successful career

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Over the weekend, I was privileged to attend a career conference which had the MD of Stanbic IBTC, Mr Yinka Sanni as one of the speakers.

The very unassuming CEO shared five career success tips from his personal experience which I’d love to share with you guys, so, get out your pens…..

1. Do more than you are paid for. Don’t just put up an average performance at work when you can actually do more.

2. Make yourself available as your organisation or company changes or evolves. In other words,  grow with the company. Don’t just change jobs because the company is changing. You must have staying power. He explained that most of the positions he has held in the bank before becoming the managing director were offered to him because he was available. He also explained that you can adapt to any position or job role. Limitations are only in the mind.

3. As you work, make sure you specialise and become an expert in a specific field. This gives you the edge and also gives you opportunity to assume leadership roles.

4. Continue to update and improve yourself through training and exposure because opportunities will always arise.

5. Always place the interest of the company or organization first before yours. Don’t be selfish or self – centred.  Serious companies will always fish out laid – back or unproductive staff.
In my opinion, it was so nice of him to share these secrets absolutely free when people actually pay through their nose in other conferences and training seminars just to learn from such industry moguls.

Also nice was the fact that about 10 companies were available to interview and recruit job – seekers immediately after the conference.






Here are more pictures….









It was organised by DCC Job Bureau.

Everyman will have his day.


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Hi guys. Ever wondered what it will be like to spend not one or two but three nights with a King? Totally unimaginable. One thing you can be sure of is that you’ll have all your requests granted and your life will be transformed for ever…….

Hi guys.

I’ve been getting a lot of emails, text messages and BBMs all asking about 3 NIGHTS IN THE SECRET PLACE.


I promised I would address them so here I am. Was working in another blogpost but this seems more urgent, so I will be back with that later.

For now, here’s what you need to know about 3 NIGHTS IN THE SECRET PLACE #3NITSP.

1. It is a 3 day event as the name implies. So it will be running from Friday June 19th to Sunday June 21st. As the name implies, all evening meetings.

2. Friday evening June 19th will be When Women Pray. This is the only night we will be praying. We will be holding on to the horns of the altar and making intercession. It will be a night of prayer and worship. Come with all your prayer requests, everything that has been heavy…

View original post 491 more words

Pics: One way bus drivers cause accident at 2nd rainbow bus stop near Mile 2. Something has to be done about this.

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Something  has to be done about the menace of commercial bus drivers who drive against trafic (popular called “one way” driving).
I witnessed a multiple accident caused by such drivers yesterday at Second Rainbow near Mile 2.











Of course the bus drivers absconded leaving the poor BMW owner to agonize. I could really relate to this having been in the same situation about five years ago along the same axis….



But God was faithful. I wasn’t hurt and neither was the BMW driver. I will do an incisive blog post about this “one-way” menace very soon in my new investigative blog post series titled SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE ABOUT THIS!

Looking for a great job or career change? This is for you!

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The Nigerian job market is saturated with graduates looking for jobs as well as career people seeking career change. If you are in this category then here’s a great opportunity for you.Screenshot_2015-06-04-14-27-35-1

“Get employed. Remain employed” is a one day career seminar put together by DCC career conect aimed at equipping you with the needed skills to get that dream job or change your career within the shortest possible time.

The speakers include Opeyemi Awoyemi, senior vice – president and co- founder of Jobberman


Aruosa Osemwegie,  Programme Co – ordinator HR school and author Getting a job is a job.


Yinka Sanni, MD/CEO Stanbic IBTC bank.


Kingsley Okonkwo, Founder, Edge Business School.


Over 12 companies including Jobberman will be available for recruitment.

Details are as follows:
Date : June 6, 2015
Venue: David’s Christian Centre. Elegushi beach road beside Meadow hall after 3rd roundabout lekki, Lagos.
Time : 9am
BB Pin :5601fcc7

Free transport available

The Sun Newspapers gets new MD

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THE Board of Directors of The Sun Publishing Limited has approved the appointment of a new Managing Director/Editor-in-Chief to succeed Mr. Femi Adesina whose appointment as Special Adviser, Media and Publicity to President Muhammadu Buhari was announced on Sunday evening.


The new Managing Director/Editor-in-Chief is Mr. Eric Osagie, the former Deputy Managing Director/Deputy Editor-in-Chief, who was until now on secondment to the New Telegraph as Managing Director/Editor-in-Chief.

A new Deputy Managing Director/Deputy Editor-in-Chief has also been appointed. He is Mr. Steve Nwosu, who, until now, was the Executive Director, Corporate Services.

In the same vein, a new Managing Director/Editor-in-Chief has been appointed for our sister communication company, the New

Telegraph. She is Mrs. Funke Egbemode, who was, until now, the General Editor of The Sun.

All the appointments take immediate effect

Source: The Guardian

Midnight Crew’s Pat Uwaje-King set to release debut solo album

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She thrilled us with her sonorous voice on the popular gospel hit song Igwe. Now she is set to thrill us further.

As the whole world awaits the June 3rdParadigm shift that will be initiated by Pat Uwaje-King – one of Africa’s leading Gospel music icons and midnight crew leader – as she gets set for the release of her debut solo album, she has taken her time to give us insight into the collection that makes up the finest contemporary work of art and ministry yet.

“He’s Done Me Well”, Pat Uwaje-King’s latest offering, is a collection of original pieces that is reminiscent of the era of Gospel legends such as Funmi Aragbaye, Good Women choir, Panam Percy Paul and more but employs elements of contemporary music as put together by some of the finest hands in music production such as Wole Oni, Willz, El Jamin, Mr Daz, JTreash, Sammy Young and Joe Pee laced with the rich & anointed vocals of Uwaje-King and other featured artistes bringing on nostalgia for the old time religion without losing the essence of the present days.

Speaking on the forthcoming album, Pat Uwaje-King said;

“Yes, this is my first solo album and the release has been slated for the 3rd of June. I have great expectations from the album due to the virtue that has gone into its production phase – both spiritual and human. ”

During Midnight crew’s 12th Anniversary in 2013, the group announced a need for the amazing four to find expressions and extend tentacles while Midnight crew serves as the springboard from where all other projects will be birthed, hence, the exploration of Pat Uwaje-King and Mike Abdul on solo album projects. It will not come as a surprise if more members of the group follow in the same footsteps.

“There is just too much enveloped in each member and it will be an anomaly to just sit on it and not let all these gifts find expressions.”Pat Uwaje-King said. “I, for instance, have been involved in breeding new talents, coordinating events and as you know, will be releasing my solo album in a few days. Mike Abdul has also released an album under his own label which houses 2 other artistes who are already breaking major grounds. G-Minor has been deeply involved in the coordination of the Zera mass choir and all of us have had to depend on Odunayo Ojo-Onasanya for our projects, as far as quality and wisdom is concerned. We are still very much involved in the group and I am sure you have seen our recent video for the song ‘Mo Dibo’. We are just leveraging on the platform we already have for individual expression.”

Pat Uwaje-King who has been on the album project for about 10 months emphasized on the massive support she has received from every member of the Midnight crew who also rendered their effort on the track “Mbene”. The album cuts across various genres including African Praise Medley, Pop, Soul, Reggae, amongst others and while it includes some of her released singles such as “Eze”, “All Power” and “He’s Done Me Well”, such tracks as “Iyu Kayin Nene”, “Winner”, “Hear my Call”, “Hossana” and more, will also make phenomenal impact when the work is released.

“I am very excited about this album!” She blurted. “It will be very hard to skip any track (laughs). I believe it will not only bless Africa but will also define the future of Gospel music.”

Apart from being the Leader of the Midnight Crew, Pat Uwaje-King is a music consultant, Event Coordinator and Facilitator. She is the CEO of GPK Records, the platform releasing the “He’s Done Me Well” album.

Twitter: @patuwajeking

Facebook: Pat Uwaje-King

Akpororo performs at Buhari’s Presidential Inaugural Gala Night

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The comedian was among the select entertainers who performed at President Buhari’s gala night……..









But I noticed that Buhari wasn’t laughing. Only Osinbajo and others did.

Who agrees with this……

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tmp_17000-Screenshot_2015-05-29-03-08-22-11569167300Just saw this from a friend on Facebook. Do you agree? Share your thoughts.

Are you a poet? Don’t miss “The Wordshop” hosted by Saint Rhymes

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Spoken words and poetry is fast gaining popularity in Nigeria. I was so thrilled to even learn that a poet will be performing at Buhari’s presidential inauguration on May 29th 2015.


Hey if poetry is your passion then don’t miss “The Wordshop”..a workshop for poets and lyricists hosted by my friend Solomon Adesanya aka Saint Rhymes. It comes up on June 13, 2015 and will feature some of Nigeria ‘ s best poets.

Dont miss this guy’s.

Presidential Spokesman Reuben Abati tweets pics of Buhari’s tour of Aso Rock

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Presidential Spokesman Reuben Abati has been tweeting pictures from Buhari”s tour of Aso Rock today May 28, 2015. I just got some pictures from his official twitter account..CGGaKqXWMAEvXKm CGGb_0kUIAAHXs7 CGGb_DyWIAI7vEL CGGb3j3UMAA6vlj CGGbwDNVIAAAWOM CGGcf1DUEAAczaL CGGcN4AVIAIUb-E CGGctLPUIAILEwE CGGdbSCU0AAzyw- CGGYo6QUIAAr6K3 CGGZnrQWAAAK7ka

Pics: DCC rewards honest airport cleaner and dedicated trafic warden

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Mrs Josephine Ugwu the honest airport cleaner who found and returned N12m was honoured and rewarded by David’s Christian Centre recently.


Mrs Ugwu who said she has previously found N600,000 and N3,000,000 said she was proud to maintain her integrity by what she did. Speaking during the occasion, Pastor Kingsley said her act was very remarkable especially considering the fact that she returned the money when her salary was just N7800.


Also honoured was a trafic warden Mr. Ayanfe Olofin. He was rewarded for being committed and dedicated to his duty post at Amuwo Odofin axis both under the sun, in the rain and even at late hours.


The award was presented by the DPO of Festac Area command. Both awardees also got a cash gift of N100,000 each


Funny pic of the day!

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When you enter into this kind of “keke”, you have to be seriously concerned a bit about your safety. I mean how can the guy even see!………..
See more pics…



Safe journey sha…..

Up next,  honesty and hardwork pays as DCC honours the airport worker who returned N12m. Hear her a story as well that of a dedicated trafic warden who was also appreciated recently.

Everyman will have his day.

Read my wife’s loving birthday message to me.

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Ok  so it’s my birthday today and wifey sent me this message….. (it was sent via BBM so permit the short-hand)…….

cheers to d Handsomest, Smartest, Cutest, Bestest, Mybestfrnd, Mybetahalf, Mysunshine, Loving, Caring, Gentle, Loyal, Besthubby, Mybuddy, Mypartner-in progress, My lifelong-partner, As you begin a new year in ur life,I wish u never-ending happiness,gudhealth n most importantly,success in evrytin u do.


No gift could ever compare to a prayer I made of thankfulness n happiness to God tday.You av shown to me what dedication n commitment rilly means wen it comes to having a happy n healthy married life.You are still the man of my dream.



A man with a heart of gold,my love for u grows n grows wth each passing rock my world,Every year with you is beta than life changed wen I found you n xo glad dat I married you.



Am xo lucky to av you as a hubby n am proud to call you my hubby.If there was an award called “THE MOST PERFECT HUSBAND OF D CENTURY”you’d win it.Your arms were open wen I needed a hug,you understood me wen I needed a frnd,u accepted me jus d way I am.


u blived in my dreams,I feel xo blessed to have found you.Thanks 4 being a hubby dat every woman desire.I’m glad dat I married well.”HBD SUPERLICIOUS HUBBY OF LIFE” frm ur LOVELY WIFE.


Everyman will have his day.

Pics : Gospel Artiste MK tours Europe……

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Nigeria’s Dynamic Gospel artsiste and Music Minister MK is currently on tour in Europe. The artiste who brought us the worship hit song “Arugbo Ojo” was a guest at TREM’s Europe NU Experience Conference in the United Kingdom with Bishop Mike Okonkwo and Bishop John Francis. From there he also proceeded to minister at the New Covenant Church Edmonton…11006456_854927754568627_9125580774909826865_n 10959934_854932884568114_1457887329942321151_o 10993516_854929957901740_2465717789305293629_o 10988923_854932891234780_8310864500461448072_o 11018186_854932777901458_3403889024716489104_omk(7) mk(6) mk(5) mk(4) mk(8)IMG_20150302_00221851

MK also took out time to relax at Arsenal’s Emirates stadium to watch the Arsenal vs Everton match. Good thing we won 2-0……IMG_20150302_0084914 IMG_20150307_0004513 IMG_20150307_0004558 MK(1) mk(2)
Oh and just in case you haven’t gotten his Album Sound Of Heaven, Grab your copy now at a gospel media outlet closest to you

She said yes! : Solomon Lange gets engaged.

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7Abuja -based gospel artiste Solomon Lange is engaged. He recently got engaged to his fiancée who he said brought sunshine into his life. Yay! Another gospel bloke has quit bachelorhood. VICTOR  gospo grooveLange  became a solo artiste in the year 2002. He has two albums in the market, “NA GODE” which was released in 2008 and “ALHERI” which was released in 2012. “NA GODE” means “THANK YOU” and “ALHERI” means “GRACE” in Hausa, a language predominantly spoken in the Northern part of Nigeria and other parts of West Africa.

Congrats to them.

Johnson Madichie

“Everyman will have his day”

Pictures : Pastor ‘Poju Oyemade gets married.

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2It’s the wedding we’ve all been waiting for in Christian circles and its finally happened. Senior Pastor of Covenant Christian Centre Pastor ‘Poju Oyemade is getting married today February 7, 2015 to his beautiful sweetheart Miss Toyin Fajusigbe. The traditional wedding took place yesterday……@_--Haiphee@_-- KOME - POT-A-SOUP Ken.God bless you!. #IndeedI’ve noticed that these Pastors always get married to very beautiful wives sha. Afterall, the Bible does say “WATCH (look very well)” and pray. lolll. I’ll bring you guys pictures from his church wedding today much later. Congrats Pastor ‘Poju from all of us at JM Blog. Everyman will have his day. Today is yours. Here are more pics………..4 3 1

PITA recounts God’s deliverance two years after accident

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The Bible does teach that we should always remember God’s goodness and faithfulness . “Bless the Lord o my soul and forget not all His benefits….who redeemeth thy life from destruction” – Psalm 103:2,4. That exactly what Gospel artiste PITA did a few days back when he took to his Instagram and Facebook page to recount how God delivered him from a ghastly car accident two years ago.  Screenshot_2015-02-07-06-31-18 PITA(12)

Amazingly, the two-time Crystal Awards winner continued ministering and singing to God while his arm was still healing from the accident during the two-year period, when he could have easily taken a break and quit. PITA10.jpg



The message is, “there is no excuse for one not to serve God”

Thank God for His faithfulness.

PITA with Me at The Crystal Gospel Awards 2014
PITA with Me at The Crystal Gospel Awards 2014

Johnson Madichie

“Everyman will have his day”

Pictures from WAZOBIA FM OAP Babah Kay’s recent wedding

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Oghenewhyre(3) Oghenewhyre(2)

You hear his humorous voice on WAZOBIA FM but on January 17, 2015, WAZOBIA FM OAP and Comedian Kingsley Isioma Ndubuokwu aka Babah Kay put humour aside and got married to his sweetheart Agbani Jessica. The wedding took place at Davids Christian Centre and the couple were joined together by the Senior Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo. Present at the wedding were his fellow comedians Bovi, Akpororo, Grand Komanda, Bowjoint, etc.

The groom and best man

The couple also had their traditional wedding a few days earlier. Enjoy the rest of the pictures…. Oghenewhyre IMG_20150117_095139 IMG_20150117_130529_edit Chiika100%@_--Diligence BABAH'KAY 08067516329(1)

Brides parents
Brides parents
•~»}Ozioma De Triumphant{«~•
The couple with Bovi
The couple with the grooms parents

IMG_20150117_121946 Fikky's Maa Emmanuel Davids Chiika100%@_--Diligence DEMMIES PLACE_.._ BABAH'KAY 0806751632920150117_113757 20150117_104139

Happy New Year !

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I welcome you all to 2015. No doubt 2014 was an awesome year but I dare say that 2015 will be several times bigger and better. I pray that you will all be able to achieve your dreams and goals for this new year.

Have a blessed year ahead guys.

Everyman will have his day.


Happy Birthday to Wazobia FM OAP Babah’ kay

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Happy birthday to Wazobia FM OAP Babah ‘kay as he adds another year today. The talented comedian and humorous OAP who is also the host of E.F.C.C “Extremely Funny Comedy Concert” is also warming up for his wedding in a couple of months. More info on that later.
Happy birthday and congrats to him.

Babah' kay and Johnson

Babah’ kay and Johnson

DCC Goes White! : Details of the memorable White Concert @ David’s Christian Centre.

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If you were coming to Davids Christian Centre for the first time, you would have easily mistaken DCC for NYSC Orientation Camp with all the “White” everywhere.

20140914_170023 20140914_165504 IMG-20140914-01289 IMG-20140914-01288 jjj - Copy IMG_20140914_184047 IMG_20140914_180607


It sure was a sight to behold and an event not to be missed. Everybody came dressed in white! I had personally looked forward to this event ‘cos i knew that amongst other things, it would afford everyone the opportunity to wear that white dress that they didn’t know what occasion to wear it for. What occasion was it?………..DCC ALL WHITE CONCERT!………. I can only imagine all the brands of bleach like Jik, Parazone and Hypo that went to work within the course of the week to make everyone come out looking as white as possible. Lollll

On Sunday September 14th, the Victory Dome of David’s Christian Centre was sprawling with White everywhere, not just from the colour of the dome but from the white dresses of both members and invited guests to the much awaited White Concert. I had fun just watching as people arrived…………IMG_2907 20140914_171226 20140914_170104IMG_3079IMG_2994IMG_2998IMG_2935IMG_2939

Thw White Concert brought out the creativity and fashion sense in a lot of people. Some kept it stylish……………….IMG_3035 IMG_2945 IMG_3098

Some kept it simple……………….

IMG_3139 IMG_3110 IMG_3108 IMG_3038 IMG_3025 IMG_3021 IMG_3010 IMG_2929 IMG_2892 IMG_2891 IMG_2863

Some preferd to keep it traditional………….

IMG_2985 IMG_2941 IMG_2857 IMG_2990

cThere were the blokes who wore it “English”…………IMG_2995



Some were the “naughty” and “bad”guys…………..



Others were the “mallams and “abokis”………………………

IMG-20140914-01291 IMG-20140914-01285Did i also mention the “Athlethes and sports men?” were all there!…………………………

aaNow, check out the couples who tried to out-do themselves in white………………………..

IMG_3114 IMG_3097 IMG_2890 IMG_2852a….and then, my favourite (and i’m sure Pastor M’s too),. there were the cute little ones……..awwwwwwww.

IMG_2897 IMG_2837 IMG_2944 IMG_3072 IMG_3127 IMG_3024All departments were good to go and ready to praise God in white, from the Meeters and Greeters……………………

20140914_170104to the Traffic guys…………………..b

We also caught a glimpse of some of the guest artistes and invited guests as they arrived the Victory Dome for the White Concert…….

Akpororo on arrival
Akpororo on arrival
WAZOBIA FM Presenter Babah’Kay and Jessica
Praise and worship leader PC
Praise and worship leader PC


Ace Comedian Odogwu his newly wed wife with another guest
Ace Comedian Odogwu his newly wed wife with another guest
WAZOBIA FM OAP Babah' Kay and Inspirational/Gospel Blogger Johnson Madichie
WAZOBIA FM OAP Babah’ Kay and Inspirational/Gospel Blogger Johnson Madichie
The Covenant
The Covenant
Palmira on arrival

COMEDIAN# wazobia fm 08067516329Well, the Bible did say that Christ is coming for a church without “spot or blemish” and this literarily translated to everyone wanting to be as “white” and “pure” as possible for the White Concert. Hehehehehehehe. If you missed it, I”ll just do my best to capture it all here. The interior of the Victory Dome was simply breath-taking in white…………………IMG-20140914-01294 IMG-20140914-01295 IMG-20140914-01279 IMG_20140914_180533

IMG_20140914_183829 IMG_20140914_180428The concert kicked off with an awesome praise and worship session by The Rock Image


The MC was Acapella and he was in his usal hilarious elements…..IMG-20140914-01278

Acapella on stage
Acapella on stage

The cocert paraded several gospel comedians like Chimaralph, Bishop, Antom D Gimmick, Odogwu, etc…


There were also ministrations from the Rock Extreme and Soul Impact….ministering salvation through dance and drama………………IMG_2961

Rock Extreme
Rock Extreme


Soul Impact
Soul Impact

Then we had an awesome worship session with Pita, Palmira, MK, PC, The Covenant etc

Pita on stage
Pita on stage

PITA shared the testimony of his healing and just wanted to be grateful to God for it. Saw him emotional for the first time on stage as he sang. God is indeed our healer.
Another artiste who was ministering for the first time in DCC was Dubem. her song brought the audiience to thier feet as she ministered with her sonorous voice…….


Palmira also blessed the crowd with one of her new songs……


The Covenant also had a brillant performance as they blessed the congregation……………..

IMG_20140914_201256 IMG_20140914_201246Personally, one of my favourite experiences of the concert was the worship session led by PC. It was his first time of leading a worship session in the victory dome and the heavens just came down. People were ready to mess up their white dresses by kneeling down and pouring out their heart to God as he led worship. It was just awesome.


IMG_20140914_191707 IMG_20140914_192136 IMG_20140914_192130 IMG_20140914_191200Then it was MK’s turn. He did justice to the songs “the glory of the Lord is coming down, Odogwu and the crowd’s favourite “Arugbo Ojo”.

20140914_202744_LLS 20140914_202754_LLS 20140914_202910_LLS IMG_3196 IMG_3188 IMG_3177 IMG_3179 Another highlight for me was the energetic praise session led by MK and PC ……….IMG_20140914_204207

IMG_20140914_204200Then it was time for God’s word and Minister Supo spoke briefly on the significance of white and how it represents purity amongst other things and explained that as christians, we ought to live a pure life.

Min. Supo
Min. Supo

At the end, a young man walked up to the altar and gave his life to Christ. Believe me folks, if this was the only result of the White Concert, it was worth it!IMG-20140914-01297

A soul is saved........the whole reason for the concert
A soul is saved……..the whole reason for the concert

Akpororo finally wrapped up things with a musical performance. I heard him perform gospel reggae for the first time and though it was different, it was also daring cos he did go off key a couple of times (or was I the only one who noticed?). LolllllIMG_20140914_205327 IMG_20140914_205300 IMG_20140914_205251

In the end it was fun and excitement all the way and I’m surely looking forward to the next one.

By the way if you missed it, I hear there’s another gospel worship concert coming up pretty soon which will feature some of these same artistes and more on the Island (MUSON centre) titled “Intense”.intense
Don’t miss it.

Plus, what’s this I hear about a group of women being FEAR.LESS? fearlessDon’t miss that too.

That’ll be all for now guys. Thanks for visiting my blog and be sure to visit again. Until then, always remember, “Every man will have his day”

Johnson Madichie.

Here are more pics from the White Concert…..ibillions (Maison de Accentuer ACCESSORIES) Kemmy✽̤̥̈̊·̵̭̌·̵̭̌«̶⌣®(1) - Copy Kelechi opara  DCC - Copy jjj - Copy IMG-20140914-01282 IMG_20140914_184055 IMG_20140914_195749 IMG_3190 IMG_3095 IMG_3094 IMG_3031 IMG_3011 IMG_2975 IMG_2989 IMG_3008 IMG_2968 IMG_2936 IMG_2873 IMG_2887 IMG_2853 20140914_171458 20140914_172849 20140914_165305 20140914_165047

Eben and Jahdiel welcome baby boy

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Gospel music power-couple Eben and Jahdiel welcomed a baby boy today.

An excited new Daddy Eben announced it on twitter.

Congrats guys!!!

Onos Live in Concert holds today!

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The much anticipated concert by sensational Gospel artiste Onos holds today. Its not a concert to be missed as it promises to be a night of unlimited praise and worship

Onos live in Concert

Onos live in Concert

The concert is billed to hold @ the magnificent Victory Dome of Davids Christian Centre, Amuwo, Lagos by 5pm today and guest artistes include MK, Chigurl, Glowreeeeyah, Palmira, Victor Atenega, MC Abbey, Anny, Eric, Eno Michael, Jerry Omole, etc.

An excited Onos was on Inspiration FM earlier today to talk about the concert.

Insp FM's Ruffy D Fire promoting Onos album earlier today

Insp FM’s Ruffy D Fire promoting Onos album earlier today

Onos @ Wazobia FM

Onos @ Wazobia FM

Onos was in Davids Christian Centre earlier this year in June as a guest artiste for the just Us Girls (When Women Worship) programme titled “Akikitan” concened by Pastor Mildred Okonkwo, where she blessed the women with her beautiful song “Everything has changed” and it’ll just be thrilling to have her back again…….and today is that day.

Make sure you are there as I will be there live too.
See y’all later and remember, Everyman will have his day”

Bbee is finally home : My tribute to Late Blessing Eruogho

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Sometime in 2012, my very good friend Victoria Eruogho invited me for her birthday party on the Island. It was really fun and when it was time for karaoke, I requested to sing Stevie Wonders “Happy Birthday” song for her. That was my first attempt at karaoke and I chose that song because I felt I knew the words of the song and I was also pretty confident that I had a good voice. Unfortunately for me, it turned out to be a disaster because not only did I muddle-up the words of the song during the karaoke, but my voice was terrible. I was glaringly embarrassing myself in front of every one and I was practically stuck there until an “angel” came to bail me out. She took another microphone, joined me and sang the song so well. Her name was Blessing Eruogho, the celebrants sister.

This was my first and unfortunately my last encounter with the remarkable singer Bbee.

I didn’t get to meet her after then and I was dumb-founded to find out that she passed on a couple of weeks ago. As I read about her now in various media, I keep flashing back to that personal encounter I had with her and I just wish I got to know her more…….and at least to thank her for “rescuing me” that day. All I can say now is Rest in Peace angel Bbee. Surely you have gone to a better place.

Bbee has since been buried and is now resting peacefully.

Her Biography
Bbee was born into the of family Eruoghos from Ughelli North LGA of Delta. She has a background in Economics from the Lagos State University. Bbee discovered her love for singing as a little child in the church choir, afterward she moved into the adult choir even as a little girl and was referred to as “golden voice” because she was that unique. Music grew in her, which led her in joining a singing band in high school.

She has a special way of singing her school’s anthem, that gave her several recognition and award from the school authority. Upon graduation, she pursued her love for music, singing as backup singer with great Nigeria artists such as Onyeka Onwenu, Sammy Okposo, and Stella Damasus. She was once in the top 20 of the very first Nigeria Idol. Came as a 1st Runner up of the only Sony Ericsson singing competition and moved to form her own band, that played in Sheraton Hotel and Towers for several years.

Bbee in a bid to take her music career to the center stage Signed a management deal with Music video director PRODIGY and in the 2nd week of May, she left for the USA to complete her latest single titled “Tif My Heart” Download link:
The song was due for release and it’s Video billed to be Directed in the US by PRODIGY but was abruptly pushed forward due to Bbee’s ill-health. Unfortunately she lost the fight for life on the 27th of July 2014.

Vibrant Bbee lived a kind and humble life giving a helping hand to everyone that came her way. She left behind a legacy that will forever live on in our hearts, may her gentle soul rest in perfect peace… Amen.

Crystal Gospel Awards 2014 holds today!

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hhh I’m crazy about the gospel!….I’m even more crazy when I’m privileged to associate with any event that promotes the gospel so I’m excited to let y’all know that It’s finally here guys. Its time for we Christians to appreciate our own. The premium gospel awards in Nigeria holds today in Lagos. Dubbed Nigeria’s most prestigious Gospel music awards, The Crystal Awards 2014 is scheduled for today Sunday, 20th July at the Shell Hall, MUSON Centre, Onikan, Lagos.

The first edition last year was superb and so I cant wait for what this years package will be like.VICTOR  gospo groove(3)

Red carpet will start by 5pm prompt.This year’s event is tagged ‘Take Over’ and will feature live performances by top Gospel acts including Sammie Okposo, Frank Edwards, Obiwon, Tim Godfrey & Xtreme, Eben, Nene Soul Diva, Tehila Crew, Henrisoul, Ada, Gaise, Joe Praize, and many more..Award winning Nollywood Actress, DORIS SIMEON and fast rising, dynamic, and talented compere/comedian, GRAND KOMANDA will co-host this year’s event.images

Here are the nominees………

1. Pita

2. Nikki Laoye

3. Mike Abdul

4. Eben


6. Obiwon


1. “Why You Love Me So” – Nosa

2. “Morire” – Mike Abdul ft. Monique

3. “Nara Ekele” – Frank Edwards

4. “Blow My Mind” – Henrisoul

5. “Light Up My World” – PitaVICTOR  gospo groove(4)


1. Samsong

2. Segun Obe

3. Freke

4. Obiwon

5. Solomon Lange

6. Frank Edwards


1. IbitayoJeje

2. Nene Soul Diva

3. Nikki Laoye

4. Efe

5. Lara George

6. OnosVICTOR  gospo groove(7)


1. “Pentecost Praise” – Bethany

2. “Eze” – Pat Uwaje-King

3. “My Praise” – Vivien Stephen

4. “Turned It Around” – Sabina

5. “Praise Jam” – Ada

6. “Twale” – Pita


1. “Your Peace” – Kenny Kore

2. “I Surrender” – Liza C

3. “All That I Am” – Isabella

4. “Yahweh” – TY Bello

5. “Only You” – Nikki Laoye

6. “You Alone Are Worthy” – EbenVICTOR  gospo groove(2)


1. Tehila Crew

2. Gospel According to Rap [G.A.2.R]

3. Tim Godfrey & Xtreme

4. God’s Own Radicals [G.O.R]

5.Brand New Generation [B.N.G]

5.PCE Crew



2. Provabs

3. IBK Spaceshipboi

4. TB1

5. GameMan

5. Sokleva


1. Daystar Choir

2. TREM Choir

3. House on the Rock Choir

4. HICC Choir

5. COZA Choir

6. Grace Assembly Choir


1. “Marks of a General & Eve of Independence” – BOUQUI

2. “Good To Go” – Mike Abdul

3. “I Come In Peace” – IBK Spaceshipboi

4. “Noah” – Kenny K’ore

5. “As I Am (The Journey So far)” – Pita

6. “Justified” – EbenVICTOR  gospo groove(6)


1. C-Stas

2. Sophiya

3. Preye

4. Liora

5. Minister Kenn [M.K]

6. Taiwo Oladoye


1. “Yabo” – Solomon Lange

2. “You Are Great” – Ayo Vincent ft. Joe Praize

3. “Who Tell You Say” – Sammie Okposo

4. “BadMan” – Henrisoul

5. “Morire” – Mike Abdul

6. “All That I Am” – IsabellaVICTOR  gospo groove(8)


1. Tope Alabi

2. Kayode Olusoji

3. Psalm Ebube

4. Samnem

5. Kefee

6. OkikiJesu


1. Okey Sokay

2. Wilson Joel

3. Wole Oni

4. Phat E

5. VC Perez

6. Cobhams AsuquoVICTOR  gospo groove


1. Buchi

2. Righteousman

3. Ed Gilbert

4. Dubem

5. Innerman

6. Lyn


1. Lawrence Omo-Iyare

2. Tolucci

3. Yinka Davids

4. Akin Alabi

5. Frizzle & Bizzle

6. Uvi Orogunbjbj


1. Ira [Wazobia FM]

2. DJ Gosporella [Beat FM]

3. Charz B [Rhthym FM]

4. Sabina Umoren [Naija FM]

5. C-Mor – [Rainbow FM]

6. Holly Holla [Rhythm FM]


1. PCE Crew [U.S.A]

2. Lawrence Ikiri [South Africa]

3. Izzy [U.S.A]

4. Dafidi [Malaysia]

5. Jid-Vocals [Ukraine]

6. Dare David [U.S.A]


1. Funke Akinokun [France]

2. Peggy Otis [U.S.A]

3. Isabella [U.K]

4. Wumi [U.S.A]

5. Anu [U.S.A]

6. Lily Perez [U.K]


1. Viva

2. Eben

3. T-Sharp

4. I.K Worships

5. Threadstone

6. Joe Praizeggj


1. Nathaniel Bassey

2. Mike Aremu

3. Segun Oluwayomi

4. Ebele the Flutist

5. Bolaji Sax

6. Kunle Ajayi


1. “I Stand Amazed” – Moji Olusoji ft. Lara George

2. “Morire” – Mike Abdul ft. Monique

3. “Like Jesus” – Kenny Kore ft. Nathaniel Bassey

4. “Higher Octave” – Segun Obe ft. Samnem

5. “Your Love” – Anny ft. BOUQUI

6. “Hail My King” – Obiwon ft. Frank Edwards, Eben& Kenny Kore


1. “Ordinary People” – CobhamsAsuquo

2. “Bobo Me” – Ada

3. “Little Drops” – Gaise

4. “Seasons” – Sokleva

5. “KuliKuli” – Nene Soul Diva

6. “What Is The Matter” – The Inspired Voices [T.I.V]

7. “Badman” – Henrisoul



1. Saco

2. Akpororo

3. Open Teeth

4. Jedi

5. Grand Komanda

6. Emma Oh my God

Attendance is by invitation. Kindly call +2348055599677 or +2348022232346 for seat reservations. Meanwhile, voting is still on and will end on Tuesday 15th July 2014.

Follow @Crystal_Awards on twitter for updates. Website:​

This is one event I’ve been looking forward to so make sure you catch up with me there and remember to check back here for the details and preview of how it all went.

Up next on my blog, i’ll be talking about something I find very disturbing. Something I see almost daily now on our roads…..amnd I’m not talking about traffic….Don’t miss it guys.

That will be all for now. Thanks for stopping by…..and yes I will share my church wedding pics soon…..wink wink. ….especially to shut the mouth of all those who said I cant dance. lollllll


I am Johnson Madichie

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Gospel Comedian Babah’Kay throws surprise birthday party for fiancee

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DSC_0718 Top Comedian and Host of EFCC (Extremely Funny Comedy Concert) Babah’ Kay blew the mind of his fiancée Jessica when he threw a surprise birthday party for her at Sweet Sensation Surulere on July 13, 2014. She was tricked to believe that she was going for another friend’s birthday party only for Babah ‘Kay to spring the surprise on her…………………..with family and friends around. Fellow comedians Odogwu  and koloman were also there. See more pics below…


Surprise !!!

IMG-20140715-WA004 IMG-20140715-WA011

with Odogwu
Jessica with friends and family
With siblings Vivian and Phyne Whyne crew member Ovijazz
Jessica with close friend Adesuwa

DSC_0717(1) COMEDIAN Shift Ambassador 08067516329(4) 20140713_170004 20140713_165816(1) IMG_20140713_162757 IMG_20140713_164523 IMG_20140713_164637 IMG_20140713_165821

Congrats Jessica! Happy birthday! ……..also A BIG happy BIRTHDAY to my only kid sister whose birthday is today July 19……..

Big Ben
Happy Birthday Grace…


Join #JulieAndJohnson on June 14, 2014

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Ok guys I know I’ve been away for a while but that’s a story for another day. However, I do have a beautiful story of love to share today. It’s a story that began about four years ago when I met a beautiful damsel while on vacation to see my parents.

Initially, it was the regular “boy meets girl” scenario but it didn’t end there because the “boy” was determined (in Kanu Nwankwo’s voice, lol) that there was something about this “girl” and so the boy introduced himself to the girl and they became friends and by this weekend, this “boy and girl” will become………. “husband and wife”


You’re all cordially invited to join me as I get married to my sweetheart, best friend and soul mate ……….Julie.
Date: June 14, 2014.
Venue : David’s Christian Centre, Victory Dome, behind PHCN office, by Fatgbems filling station bus stop, Amuwo Odofin, Lagos.
Time : 10am.
Reception follows immediately at Victory Park, 206 road, 2nd Avenue, Festac town, Lagos.
Colours of the day : Turquoise Blue and Peach.
RSVP: Mr Benjamin Madichie 08065115405 and Mr Christopher Chinkata 08023178136.
Enjoy our pre-wedding pics below…………..
jay-46 jay-45 jay-39 jay-14 jay-38 IMG_20140105_142559 IMG_20140510_090651 IMG_20140510_090735 jay-8 jay-11 IMG_20140105_142535 IMG_20140105_142530 FacebookHomescreenImage
jay-36 jay-29 jay-18 jay(1) IMG_20140105_142655 IMG_20140105_142548 SAM_0729 Picture 068a(1)
God bless.
Johnson and Julie


Join Fela Durotoye, Kingsley Okonkwo, Neola Ugwu, Kayode Deola and host Afam Nwaokolo for “UPGRADE!”.

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In the world of business, branding is everything! ……yeah I actually came up with that quote but you’ve got to admit that it makes sense. I was therefore excited when Management Consultant and Human Development Strategist Afam Nwaokolo  hinted me about his up-coming business branding seminar and I’d love you guys to be a part of it. A statement from his company’s website reads ………”This is to specially invite you in our forthcoming Business and Image Branding Seminar tagged “UPGRADE”…building a global brand. The Seminar is expected to attract over Five Hundred and Fifty(550)participants (business professionals, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, organisations in show-business and individuals).



Guys, this is too good to miss, especially when you consider the pedigree of the speakers….



Fela Durotoye has consulted for the Federal Government of Nigeria, Lagos State Government, SHELL, GTBANK, SKYE BANK, MTN, ZENITH BANK, ETISALAT, NESTLE just to mention a few, on economy and business development. He will be speaking on “Business Branding”. And will be giving 15 people FREE business development consultancy for a period of 6 weeks and opportunity to meet with mentors in other fields.



Kingsley Okonkwo is the Senior Pastor of Davids Christian Centre. He is also the president of The Edge Business School where timeless business secrets and principles are taught and many who have attended have testimonies to share. Top business personalities who have taught at the Edge Business school include Uche Nnaji (MD/CEO, Ouch!), Tara Fela-Durotoye etc. He will be speaking on “Excellence in Business”



Noela Ugwu is an Image Consultant and Trainer for GT BANK, DANGOTE GROUP and many more. A regular guest on Ebony TV.(Moment with Mo) She will be speaking on “Image Branding”.



Deola Kayode is a Brand and Communication Consultant, the convener of the just concluded “Social Media Week”. He will be speaking on ” Social Media for Business Profit and Global Visibility”.



Afam Nwaokolo is the Marketing Head, Noble Image Integrated Company. He is a Management Consultant and a Public Speaker in Leadership and Human Development.

Afam conducting training for new company employees
Afam conducting training for new company employees

He is a graduate of Business Administration and Management from the Federal Polytechnic Ede,Osun State. He is also an alumnus of Edge Business School andDaystar Leadership Academy.Within the space of 4 years, he successfully increased his customer base from zero to over a thousand and still counting. He will be speaking on “Building and Sustaining Good Customer Relationship”.

Afam and Fela Durotoye
Afam with Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo

….and for the best part, Afam’s tweet says it all…….its absolutely FREE



Date: April 24th.

Time: 9AM.

Venue: Banquet Hall, Rockview Hotel, 23 Road, Festac Town, Lagos.

Registration fee: FREE.

Limited seats available. For more info call: 08024089797 or 07030599992. BB pin:299C0163


That’ll be all for now guys. Catch me at the conference on April 24th, 2014.

Johnson Madichie


“Every man will have his day”

Johnson Madichie is an Inspirational Blogger based in Lagos, Nigeria and affects the world from there.

Pictures : DCC celebrates Mother’s Day with Bake Sales

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I’ve witnessed several Mothers’ Day celebrations but not like I did this past Sunday. David’s Christian Centre decided to transcend the usual and stereotype Mothers’ Day celebration and put together a Bake Sale to honour and Commemorate Mothers……………and its was fun as loads of cakes, pastries, drinks and small chops. It was put together by Chayil, Married Women fellowship. Enjoy……….

IMG-20140330-00777 IMG-20140330-00782 IMG-20140330-00773 IMG-20140330-00771 IMG-20140330-00767





IMG-20140330-00789 IMG-20140330-00788 IMG-20140330-00787 IMG-20140330-00786 IMG-20140330-00785

Senior Pastors Kingsley and Mildred Okonkwo

IMG-20140330-00795 IMG-20140330-00793 IMG-20140330-00791 IMG-20140330-00790IMG-20140330-00799 IMG-20140330-00805

Satisfied customer

IMG-20140330-00801 IMG-20140330-00800


The Menu
Meeters and Greeters

IMG-20140330-00808 IMG-20140330-00806


IMG-20140330-00825 IMG-20140330-00824 IMG-20140330-00823

Chef Funmi



Something for the kids too

IMG-20140330-00830 IMG-20140330-00828 IMG-20140330-00837

Tete-a-tete with the Top Chef, Chef Mildred



Amazing special offers on trips around the world from Weorthscripe Event and Leisure Company

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The Taj Mahal, India

I’ve got some international trips lined up for 2014 and in case you do to, then be sure to hook up withWeorthscripe Event and Leisure Company. It’s a leisure travel company (Holiday, Travel, Tour and Event Managers), based in Lagos. Weorthscripe Event and Leisure Company commenced business in March 2008 as a full service travel company and provide the following services:


Travel Insurance||Visas||Medical Tourism Israel & India||Hotel||Car Hire||Theme Parks||Flight||Professional Training & Certification||First Class+ Exotic Holiday||Cruises||Budget Travel||Golf/ Polo/Soccer Travel||Safari||Holy land||Destination Nigeria|| Event & Holiday||Int’l Cruise Representative, Issuance of International and Domestic flight tickets. … etcdisney


Out-Bound: – International cruises to destinations in Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa and Middle East – River Cruises on the Nile river and Saloun & Gambia rivers – Land vacations around the world, including short trips to Cameroun, Ghana, Gambia. – Shopping trips to France, UK, Italy, South Africa and UAE  – Christian Pilgrimage to Egypt and Israel – Historical trips to Turkey, Spain, Egypt and Greece – Safari tours to Kenya and Tanzania – Hajj & Umrah packages – Incentive travel – Honeymoon and renewal of vows in the Caribbean, Mauritius and Seychelles – Golf Tourspolo


Inbound to Nigeria: – Hotel booking, airport transfers and excursions all over Nigeria – Shopping tour to Itokun market, Abeokuta – Historical tours to Badagry and Kano – Calabar Carnival and Obudu Resort packages – Festival package to Osun-Osobo & Abuja Carnival

International and domestic flight tickets   We also provide customized itineraries for inbound and outbound tours. Trips range from 2 nights up and from Single traveler to groups.


Guess what, if you plan on travelling to the Holy land for Easter, then take advantage of their special Easter package
Holy Land Tour May & Oct 2014. 6 or 8 nights

2 Nights Nazareth
4 Nights Jerusalem
Package @ 450K
per Person Sharing



2 Nights Nazareth
4 Nights Jerusalem
2 Nights Ehpesus
Package @ 500K
per Person Sharing. Here’s a sample for a Holy Land Pilgrimage conducted for Trinity House by Weorthscripe Event and Leisure Company

Trinity Flyer

* Meet and assist in Ben Gurion Airport by our representative upon arrival and departure.
* Sightseeing as per received itinerary
* Government licensed
* English speaking tour guide 6 full days & 1 transfer;
* Luxury airconditioned motorcoach 6 full days & 2 transfers
* Entrance fees including:
Caesarea, Nazareth, Boat ride on The Sea of Galilee, Mt. of Beatitudes, Capernaum, Mt. Tabor, Jericho , Banias (Caesarea Philippi) , St. Peter in Gallicantu, Pools of Bethesda, Bethlehem, Mt. Olives, Mt. Olives
Meal arrangements: Full board basis incl.
* St. Peter’s Fish lunch.
* Dinner on day of arrival and ending with breakfast on day of departure
* 6- nights hotel accommodation.
* Detailed day by day itinerary,
* Pilgrim certificate
* Map, hat & back-pack.
* Tour of the Ephesus

Desert Safari


Expenses of a personal nature
Tips to guide/driver & hotel personnel
Baptismal kit – Jordan river (US$ 10.-)

Discounts available for groups booking.

Limited slot available

Also, if you are considering spending Easter in Dubai, then take advantage of this……untitled

DUBAI IN APRIL Amazing Easter Experience 15 – 21 April

It is unbelievable fun, unimaginable adventure, unbeatable shopping, unquestionable beauty and it is DUBAI, the land of dreams.

PACKAGE INCLUSIONS *Visa *Return Flight Ticket *Return Airport Transfer *Hotel Accommodation *Daily Buffet Breakfast *Desert Safari + BBQ *Dinner + Belly Dancing *Dhow Cruise + Dinner *Half Day City Tour *All Applicable Taxes

*Registration closes on April 1st, 2014 *All visa requirements and payments must be paid on or before April 1st, 2014.

N300k per person sharing

Terms and Conditions applies

Price are subject to change without noticebgjbkjnimagesHUB592WQ

Weorthscripe Event and Leisure Company also has unbeatable offers for football lovers who want to watch the World cup live in Brazil this year……….so be sure to contact them TODAY!k';



*Kenya/South Africa
*Gambia Tour
*Nairobi/ Seychelles
*Sea world & Holy land experience
*Historic heritage of  Ghana
*Tour of Ancient Europe “Istanbul/Malta/Greece”
*Israel /Rome/ Ephesus

CRUISE: Amazing innovations, state of the art Spas, on-board shopping malls, Nightclub & Piano bar aboard a cruiselineCRUISE flyer (1)

*Med & Holy Land
*Carribbean & the Bahamas
*South Pacific
*Jazz Cruises
*Golf Cruises

Destination Event
*Honeymoon Parkages
*Valentine  Packages
*Birthday Packages
*Golf Tournament
*Football Packages
*Holyland Pilgrimage
*Tradefair/ Conferences
*Medical Tourism: Israel/Indiaflyer

Now selling: Brazil 2014| Amazing Easter & Summer packages| Israel-Ephesus-Rome Oct  |May 18th Cruising & Touring Europe| European & Caribbean Cruises.

For enquiries, contact:

AanuOluwa Akerele


Weorthscripe Event & Leisure Company

YMCA (1st Floor), 77 Awolowo Road

South West Ikoyi, Lagos


08091653177, 08078390912, BB 28B8013E, Email: admin@

That’s all for now guys.

Up next on JM Blog, Remember Fela’s song “Water e no get enemy” Well, find out if he was right in my next post.

Johnson Madichie is an inspirational blogger who lives in Lagos, Nigeria and affects the world from there.

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Join PITA, Timi Dakolo, Wale Adenuga, Mildred Okonkwo, others for “The Reality of Our Music”

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Finally a platform to transfer the necessary knowledge and skill to excel in the music ministry is here.  We should have had this a long time ago but thank God that someone has come up with this timely vision.


After several months in the US, PITA has returned to the country in grand style with a conference aimed to promote and improve today’s music minister. It’s titled “The Reality of Our of Music”


Join PITA alongside other notable and accomplished music and ministry experts like Wale Adenuga, Timi Dakolo, Jim Tewe, Adeola Williams and Mildred Okonkwo as they take you through the requisite knowledge you need for this industry. It’s happening today!

Below are the scheduled speakers alongside thier topics…..






It’s happening today guys at Golden Gate restaurant Ikoyi by 11am.

Everyman will have his day.

Awwww…Meet the dog who still attends church even after his owner died

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Well, I guess it’s true that dogs can sometimes be more loyal than men.

Touching story.

Let’s learn from this.

Every man will have his day!

Babahkay presents Laff Out Naija!

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Comedian Babahkay has kicked off 2016 with a bang…..laff out Naija!




Don’t miss it.

Every man will have his day!