Photo: Caught in the act !!!

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Busted !

Busted !

Yes I don’t support jungle justice, but I don’t support laziness either. On my way back from church some days back, I drove through my close and saw a small crowd. When I parked my car and looked, behold there he was, “stark naked”.

The poor thief was caught in the act stealing car accessories like mirrors, etc while people went to church. Trust lagos citizens na, sharp sharp he was undressed and beaten with…..well I’m sure you can see the pic for yourselves. That was when I took the picture. I no follow beat am o.

Despite all the beatings he received, he made sure he hid his face with one hand and sheltered the cutlass with the other. He was just lucky he was not caught around oshodi otherwise he would have been “Aluu-ed”.

My take : There is never a good reason to steal. Whether we believe it or not, hard work and smart work pay. Once u engage in something legitimate and commit it to God, He will multiply the rest. As my pastor said last night, zero multiplied by one billion is zero. Get your hands on something legitimate and you’ll see that there would never be a reason to steal.

Well, don’t ask me if he was killed ‘cos I left the scene shortly after I took the picture before the guy go mark my face come steal my car tyre for night. Lolllllll

Thank goodness he was caught

Thank goodness he was caught

Thats all for now guys. Stay tuned for more….and remember, “Every man will have his day someday”


One thought on “Photo: Caught in the act !!!

    onyeoma said:
    April 23, 2013 at 8:07 am

    true talk jay! there’s no good reason to steal, ask if u must or better still engage in some honest work! nice blog jay keep it up!

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