MTN vs Etisalat. Round One…FIGHT!!!

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Saka has ported to MTN

Saka has ported to MTN

First of all ….introduction.. (hehehe) sorry I just couldn’t resist saying that. Ok, let’s start again. First of all I sincerely apologize to my esteemed readers for not posting any recent news recently. It was because of the particular network I browse with decided to deny me quality service. They practically cut me off for almost two days for no good reason, and that brings me to todays topic.
I guess its no longer news that etisalat’s former advert man Hafiz Oyetoro aka Saka has dumped Etisalat for MTN. It came as a rude shock to many as we have all been used to seeing Saka on Etisalats promos and adverts. Infact, he was endeared to our hearts because of the humorous manner in which he promoted Etisalat. All of a sudden, the NCC introduced mobile number portability and that was the end of Saka’s love affair with Etisalat.

Apparently MTN went behind Etisalat to steal Saka and before we knew it, an MTN advert featuring Saka went viral and from the way Saka was singing and dancing in that video (the energy, emotion and commitment), it was obvious that MTN offered him a paycheck he couldn’t refuse.

Saka's green dress, obviously mocking Etisalat

Saka’s green dress, obviously mocking Etisalat

The video begins with Saka backing the audience wearing a green dress (depicting Etisalat obviously) and after singing for a while in that position, Saka turns and he is now wearing a yellow dress (depicting MTN) and that was when he started singing “I don port o, I don port to MTN”. The idea behind the advert, besides telling the viewers to switch from Etisalat to MTN was also that Saka himself has shifted from Etisalat to MTN as the promo man. Did I hear you say that he was unfaithful to Etisalat, no way. He just grabbed a business opportunity that was too juicy ‘cos in business, there are no permanent friends, just permanent interests. Infact, Saka’s move is being described as “one of the boldest moves in the Nigerian brands rivalry”. If Globacom came knocking on his door with a far juicier offer, I’m sure he would port again as so would i. (Na bridge I come count for lagos?).

This readily brings to my mind Chaz-B’s departure from Inspiration FM to Rhythm FM. Many never thought that day would come but it did. According to Chaz-B, he wanted a bigger platform and whether you like him for it or not, his listeners have followed him to his new station.

Enough said, here are my takes on this whole scenario, with the following questions:
1. Why is MTN about the only telecom company seriously campaigning for other subscribers to port to them? I’m sure you have noticed this by now, both on TV, radio and newspapers. You will hardly see other networks doing so. I guess its because they know that their service has been unimpressive for a while now and so they know that they will be the ultimate losers if they don’t act fast or improve their network.
2. Why did MTN single out Etisalat to terrorize? Unknown to many, Saka’s buy-over from Etisalat wasn’t MTN’s first jab at their rivals. Some days back, MTN went as far as practically telling the public to migrate from Etisalat in a newspaper publication titled “MTN mobile number portability literacy series 2” where they wrote “for example, if you are currently on Etisalat and wish to port to MTN…..” That punch was under the belt if you ask me.

MTN advert in the newspapers where they used Etisalat as an example

MTN advert in the newspapers where they used Etisalat as an example

Etisalat has however moved on by signing Nigerian Born Hollywood actor Hakeem kae kazim to replace Saka. I saw him in the new Etisalat advert last night and the difference was just too obvious. While Saka brought humour to Etisalat adverts, Hakeem was more on the serious-side and his natural serious-face didn’t help matters.

Hollywood actor Hakeem kae Kazim, Etisalat's replacement for Saka

Hollywood actor Hakeem kae Kazim, Etisalat’s replacement for Saka

Having said all this, one must learn a vital lesson from the MTN / Etisalat showdown. It is popularly said that when two elephants fight, the grass suffers, but this is not the case, at least not for Saka ‘cos as the two elephants are fighting, he is getting fatter and fatter. Lol.

This is what the grace of God can do folks. It only took one policy announcement from NCC ( Nigeria Communications Commission) and Saka has “hammered”. God can turn around that dilemma you are in with just one policy change from the government or a re-structuring at your office etc. It doesn’t cost God anything. Remember He said there is nothing too hard for Him to do.

As I sign out, I must applaud the NCC for introducing the Portability policy. At least all the telecom outfits will step up their game and render quality service. Now let me ask y’all this question, which network do you think will be worst hit by the mobile number portability policy? Your time starts now ……no lifelines, though you can call a friend but you can’t be sure if that friend has ported from his/her old network already can you?……..hehehehehe



Is this what Saka really has in mind?

Is this what Saka really has in mind?

Don’t miss my next post as I talk about a stupid fraudster that has been trying to defraud me and I’ll also give you tips on how to detect and derail them.

Thats all for now guys. Stay tuned for more….and remember, “Every man will have his day someday” . Make sure you comment below: Which network go “hear am?”


8 thoughts on “MTN vs Etisalat. Round One…FIGHT!!!

    sdot said:
    April 24, 2013 at 2:59 pm

    Lovely work!!!!

    Mervin. said:
    April 24, 2013 at 6:39 pm

    Nice One my guy

      Johnson Ifeanyi Madichie responded:
      April 24, 2013 at 8:52 pm

      @ mervin, thanks my man. So tell me, are u guys at Glo planning to steal Saka too?

    ibilola famugbode said:
    April 24, 2013 at 8:42 pm

    Enjoyed this piece.Thumbs up to u Jay!Looking forward to ur next piece.

    pharm folee said:
    April 24, 2013 at 9:45 pm

    Life Is dynamic & change of course ϑέγ̲̣̣̥ say i§ constant-K! ♍ў only worry about Saka’s (ETISAKA) moves i§ d legal side ø̲̣̣f his action. I§ his contract ova with Etisalat??

    joy said:
    April 24, 2013 at 10:16 pm

    No other network than

    Garby said:
    April 25, 2013 at 3:18 am

    Mehn … dat’s a nice one. Highly informative. To me sha, Saka’s n Chaz-B r lik footballers … if ur good @ wot u do u’ll be sought after. Reminds me of when Ashley Cole switched to Chelsea n was nick-named “Cashley Cole”. You knw since it’s business I dnt see why anyone shld be sentimental abt it. As for dis portability matter, I think pple shld be cautious abt it as very few knw once u port n u want to revert u gats to wait for 90days (with many Saka-stic like jingles in between) to elapse. Jst look well b4 u leap esp in Nigeria’s fast-rising telecoms industry.

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