Governors that can’t count.

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Nigerian Governors Forum
Nigerian Governors Forum

I know I don’t do a lot of political posts but this one was practically begging for attention and I couldn’t ignore it, besides, I have a first degree in Political Science so I believe I’m somewhat qualified to bare my mind on this issue.

Nigeria Governors Forum…….hmmmm, my first question is, “is this forum really necessary or better still, is it legal?” No offence but I’m one of the few who believe that the so-called Forum is a waste of time. The forum is not even constitutional just like the ceremonious office of the first lady.

The forum is made up of 35 governors from 35 states, yes 35 not 36 ‘cos Abuja doesn’t have a governor incase you thought I made a mistake with the numbers.


These guys were all duly elected (we hope) by their respective states to lead them, and they further decide to form a forum but really whose interest are they protecting in this forum?
These so-called Governors Forum paint a picture of support to the Nigerian masses but it was the same NGF that supported the removal of Petroleum Subsisdy in 2012.

Another reason why i don’t believe in the necessity of this forum is that it’s a forum that can NEVER be united, or else, why do we have factions like PDP Governors Forum within the same forum.
If truly they are meant to be united, isn’t this an indication of political polarity?

Secondly, it’s no more news that the last NGF elections ended in a debacle which saw the emergence of two factional leaders : Governor Jonah Jang of Plateau and Governor Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers state.

Gov. Jonah Jang of Plateau state
Gov. Jonah Jang of Plateau state
Gov, Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers state
Gov, Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers state

Guys, its baffling that 35 grown adults, with hair on their chest (as my pastor will humorously say) cannot sit down in one room and successfully elect one person as a leader without rigging. I’m really perturbed ‘cos this is a bad omen for Nigerian politics.

How do we expect about 200 million Nigerians to conduct an election when the 35 men who represent us cannot do same amongst themselves.


The results of the NGF election clearly showed that Gov. Amaechi had 19 votes and Gov. Jang had 16 votes but Gov. Jang’s camp, backed conspicuously by Gov. Akpabio , went ahead to form a faction and declared that Gov. Jang won and Gov. Jang himself went to church to declare that his victory was from God.


Nigerian governors abroad
Nigerian governors abroad

I was privileged to watch the secret video of the elections and as the votes were counted, one could feel the tension and animosity in the room with governors shouting at themselves. The video was taken by the governor of Osun state and at a point, other governors started shouting him down saying “Osun what is this?” Gov Akpabio himself even came to confront him but the Osun governor remained adamant saying ” I’m taking the video so that nothing will go wrong here”. Watch the raw video here : By the way, the fact that there was a secret video, filmed by a governor, also speaks volumes about what was expected.

Please let’s do the maths guys; How can someone win an election with 16 votes when his opponent had 19 votes? or have we started counting backwards? Are we saying that even the governors themselves cannot count 35 ballot papers?
If una governors no sabi count vote, na me go sabi write alphabet ni?
If una governors no sabi count vote, na me go sabi write alphabet ni?

Sadly, the same governors were individually preaching good morals, sound  behavior and patriotism  to the children in their states a few days later on children’s day. The governors should have taken a back seat and allowed the children teach them. “Teach them what?” you may ask, well, teach them how to select a class captain in their class.
At least children vote for their own class captain in school without rigging.
 I’m particularly disgusted with governor Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom state (who is in Governor Jonah Jang’s camp) when he said he saw the rigging coming.
Gov. Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom state
Gov. Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom state

How dare he talk! Or was he not the same governor who openly admitted that he rigged senatorial elections in his own state, and he still roams the street free! Hear his electoral rigging speech:
“The people of Ikono and Ini (Local Government Areas) from 1960 have never produced a Senator.  I used my own hand to strike out the name of the person who has won before, and I said it is important for me to give that region a Senator in 2007, and I produced Senator Aloysius Etuk for you; that’s where he comes from.”. – Gov. Akpabio.

My humble opinion is that the various governors should focus on developing their states instead of lobbying all over the place and avoiding their constitutional duty under the guise and charade of Nigeria Governors Forum. Someone like Gov. Jonah Jang whose state has been boiling with killings and religious crisis should have no business parading himself as NGF chairman. He has a job waiting for him at home and the job hasn’t been done.


A governor’s primary responsibility is to be the chief welfare and security officer of his state but sadly, most of these governors have decided to distract themselves with this Forum while their assignment at home is left undone.

One thing that interests me though is the fact that this crisis is brewing in the PDP and other opposition parties are just having a good laugh.

ACN governors
ACN governors


To make matters worse, Gov Amaechi has now been suspended from the PDP.  Personally, I feel this wasn’t called for because they’ve only succeeded I’m making him more popular. All of a sudden, Gov Amaechi who just turned 48 is now trending on twitter and I have a good feeling that if this PDP family crisis is not peacefully resolved, Gov Amaechi would have no choice than to “port” to another party while retaining his old phone number. hehehehehehe.
This must have been the look on his face when heard that Gov. Jang won with 3 votes less than his
“I go port o!”
Well, the drama is still unfolding before our very eyes. Will Amaechi quit PDP?, will Jonah Jang relinquish his NGF chairman post to Amaechi?, will  Johnson Ifeanyi Madichie be finally appointed as Nigeria”s new permanent representative to the United Nations? (sorry i had to chip that in but its a work in progress though).
Another missing link in all this NGF imbroglio is the Jonathan connection. GEJ has consistently maintained that he has nothing to do with the whole NGF scam but how true is this?
At logger heads?
At logger heads?
As the drama continues to unfold, we can only wait and watch and wait. At this point i think the words of my Political Science lecturer Dr. A.P Odofin years back in school comes to the fore when he postulated “Nigeria is suffering a political headache which requires a political paracetamol”
If you don’t have it…………….
If you dont have it .......

You can at least be creative………….

all na six-pack!
all na six-pack!


That’s all for now guys. Thanks for visiting my blog and lest i forget, HAPPY DEMOCRACY DAY!

Up next on JM Blog…….Lastma and Ian Robben



3 thoughts on “Governors that can’t count.

    grace aroyewun said:
    May 29, 2013 at 4:03 pm

    A very nice 1 jay,and vry funny too.only God wl heal ds political head ache

      Johnson Ifeanyi Madichie responded:
      May 29, 2013 at 4:26 pm

      My dear its just annoying. Let’s hope there will be a political change soonest. Thanks for sharing this post on your Facebook wall dear

    tomi said:
    May 29, 2013 at 6:43 pm

    Nice one. May God deliver our dear country from d many political headaches!!!

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