11,000 cultists in one room!

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untitledOk I know this was in the news a while back but when I really thought over it again, I just had to re-visit it. Its one of those stories that make you go “say what!!!”

Imagine you being in a room with 11,000 cultists! Sounds scary but this was the scenario a couple of weeks back when the Bayelsa state government organized a Cult Confession and Renunciation ceremony in Yenagoa.

Repentant cultists

Apparently the government was fed up with cult related crimes and nefarious activities in the state and it decided to organize an “amnesty” as it were and guess how many young chaps showed up……11,000! and…..get this……..3000 of them were girls o. At this point I can’t help but re-call writerspeakspoetry’s poem titled “na wa o” Na real wa o. and majority of these cultists are secondary school kids.

Arrested cultists

The renunciation ceremony was quite colourful as the governor of the state addressed them and said that N1 billion has been set aside to provide vocational jobs and trainings fort hem. Maybe that was the bait that made them all to come out sef…..heheheheeeh.

Gov. Dickson and Ben Murray Bruce addressing the cultists

The state commissioner of police also warned them not to go back to cultism. Silverbird’s Chairman and motivational speaker Ben Murray Bruce was there to inspire them to do better things with their lives and so was Timi Dakolo who was the guest artiste. The youths the took an oath of renunciation and gave their lives to Christ. Watch the video here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQMHOMNNL7s

But my people, what is really going on in this country? I grew up knowing cultism to be endemic in the universities but now its the secondary school kids. May we not see a day when our nursery schools and crèches begin to have cult groups o.imagesCA0GZXSP It sounds funny but its not. Just imagine a nursery school expelling one of its toddlers for being a cultist. That will be the day

Timi Dakolo ministered at the ceremony

Well thank God that the 11,000 youths renounced cultism and actually repented and gave their lives to Christ but let me ask o, if a state has 11,000 youth cultists, abeg na how many youths come remain for the state?


On Mandela……..I suspect that he is being kept on life-support just for him to make it to his 95th birthday. Mandela will turn 95years on July 18 ( 12 days from today). Also, his family have argued that it is “un-African” to “release” a man who has not said he is ready to go yet. What’s your own view?

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