The Okada and the Hummer

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If I wasn’t a blogger, I’d probably be a photo-journalist. I’m kinda both sha. Like it says on my profile, I just can’t resist a good shot. There’s just something magical about a picture that captures and freezes an image and speaks volumes about it in so many ways till eternity.

I took this picture a couple of years back and it really didn’t mean much to me until I was flipping through pictures on my phone and I came across it again and then I got the message. The “okada” and the “hummer” represent the “bottom” and the “high” points in life respectively. Its no use “beefing” someone else just because you are on a bike while the person cruises around in a Hummer Jeep. Rather, concentrate all that energy to work hard and smart to get there. Besides, you don’t know where that person you are envying is coming from or has been through.

Stop focusing on things outside your sphere of influence and control, rather, channel your strengths to areas where you can make a difference with your effort and before long, you’ll be the one cruising in the Jeep while someone else strives to get to where you are on okada.

All you need to do to get there is to set your goals and refuse to procrastinate. Each time you look at your goals and they look massive, here’s one advice……..

Just do it !

Just do it !

Just make that call. Just write that proposal. Just send that e-mail. Just do it! Remember, if your dream is too cheap, then its not a dream. Its probably a nightmare and you’ll probably be on that okada for a long long time. .

I am Johnson Madichie.

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to stay tuned. Remember, “Every man will have his day”

Johnson Madichie is a social blogger based in Lagos, Nigeria and affects the world from there.

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