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I woke up this morning and……NO RAIN. Thank goodness ‘cos I wasn’t really prepared for a wet day. Hope y’all enjoyed yesterdays post on Stop it! As promised, here’s a follow-up.

A wise man said the best way to stop a bad habit is to start a good one. So let’s take a look at a few things you should consider kicking off…..

Ready, let’s go

1. Start trusting God with all your heart.
2. Start believing in your inner abilities.
3. Start accepting responsibilities for your actions.
4. Start thinking and acting positively.
5. Start your own business

6. Start going early to church.
7. Start something new.
8. Start loving people unconditionally.
9. Start daily exercise.
10. Start contributing to growth and development.
11. Start respecting and helping the elderly . 12. Start seeing yourself as more than an employee.
13. Start reading a book.
14. Start adding value on a daily basis.
15. Start running with clear goals/vision.
16. Start spending quality time with people you love.
17. Start saying things you need to say.
18. Start grabbing opportunities and using them well.

19. Start a savings plan.
20 Start investing in the future.
21. Start learning a skill.
22. Start seeing the bigger picture.
23. Start smiling.
24. Start communicating with the Father.
25. Start living not existing.
26. Start sharing & giving.

27. Start obeying traffic rules.
28. Start positive contributions to the society. 29. Start dressing right.
30. Start relaxing once in a while.
31. Start appreciating peoples uniqueness.
32. Start teaching real values.
33. Start lending a helping hand.
34. Start walking and working towards the top. 35. Start living with eternity in view.

My personal favorite is no.11. Several years ago when I still used to commute via public transport, I developed a habit of paying the bus fare of any elderly person I met in the bus. I didn’t know why I did it but it just gave me great joy. I urge you to think of something nice to do for an elderly person today.

After much hulla balloo about the movie, I finally went to see Iron Man 3 at the cinema but after I saw this poster,……

…..I just knew something was wrong somewhere. Hehehehe.

Thats all for now guys. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to stay tuned for more. Remember, “Every man will have his day”

Johnson Madichie is a social / inspirational blogger based in Lagos, Nigeria and affects the world from there.

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Twiiter – @johnsonmadichie
Facebook – Johnson Ifeanyi Madichie
Mobile – +2348055940573
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