Rivers state crises: Two Videos!

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Ok, I haven’t bothered to blog about the pandemonium the enveloped the Rivers State House of Assembly and I don’t really need to for two reasons……

1. My very good friends at Sahara Reporters did a good job chronicling the events that happened both before and after the popular Chidi Lloyd attack. What most people have seen is the part where Chidi Lloyd went on rampage but this video actually shows Hon Evans Bipi describing how he attacked and punched Chidi Lloyd, and he did so in front of a cheering crowd……….watch

2. My second reason for not bothering to blog about it is because the grammar impresario himself, Hon Patrick Obahiagbon has done justice to the issue. I get amazed each time this man airs his opinion on national events and this one makes the list as one of my favourites. In a recent interview with Channels television, Hon. Patrick describes the Rivers state crisis as………………Watch for your self…….

hehehehehhehe. Cant stop reeling with laughter. ‘Political Crinkum Crankum or political Higi Haga”. May God bless Nigeria.

That will do it for now guys.

I am Johnson Madichie


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