Corruption video exposes Nigerian police

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There’s no further disgraceful way of being caught than being caught red-handed. I got this video earlier today but didn’t wanna put it on my blog until I was sure of its veracity, and unfortunately for the police officer, the video has gone viral.

This just goes to expose the rot and stench in the Nigerian police. The officer even had the audacity to ask for foreign currency as bribe.

I remember my own encounter when I was robbed in broad day light about 2 years ago. After we reported to the police station and wrote down statements, they asked for money. Isn’t that just silly. I was just robbed of my possessions and you are asking me for money for reporting the incident.

Another time, I remember how the police tried to take advantage of me and claimed I was driving against traffic when I really wasn’t. When I insisted that I didn’t break the law and that I can’t give them any bribe because I wasn’t even with money as they were demanding, they told me “haba Oga, ATM full everywhere na”. I was bewildered. That invariably meant that they could have as well popped out a POS machine for me to swipe my ATM card.

I salute the bravery of the car owner who shot the video. In fact, at a point my heart almost jumped into my mouth ‘cos while watching, I thought the police would spot the camera and apprehend him. It must have been a pen-camera or something ‘cos I don’t think a phone camera wouldn’t have gone undetected……or perhaps the officer was so full of greed that he couldn’t notice a phone sticking in front of him.

Also, I believe the phone call the officer made to his colleague was just a “fake” call intended to further scare the motorist into increasing the bribe.

I sincerely hope this video will go a long way in curbing the excesses of the police in this country. Please feel free to share your own experience as you drop a comment below……


One thought on “Corruption video exposes Nigerian police

    E' said:
    August 9, 2013 at 2:48 pm

    I purposely stayed away from seeing this vid
    I heard a bit of it but still didn’t wanna see
    Till now
    This is really sad.
    The guy is the scapegoat
    Too sad….
    I feel for him.
    How can he be a role model to his kids now…..?
    I hope this helps in cleaning the filth that wehave there and indeed other sectors
    Too sad
    I also hope this guy doesn’t kill himself oooo

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