Experience MK’s Sound Of Heaven gospel concert and album Lunch. All the details and pictures…….

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For weeks, the noise and hype had been everywhere and the buzz was all over the airwaves………….IMG_20130825_164734

Now, after days and weeks and months of preparation, planning and prayer, it was time to experience MK’s eagerly anticipated gospel concert “Heaven on Earth”. If you missed it, then here’s your opportunity to re-live the experience. The concert was billed for 4pm on August 25th. The M&G crew were already on hand to welcome everyone in……………

IMG_20130825_163408but it was barely 3:30pm and the crowd couldn’t wait…


IMG_20130825_162228IMG_20130825_162222 IMG_20130825_162225

…and the organizers and hosts were putting last minute touches in place to ensure a smooth and successful event…..


Soon enough, the venue was filled! and everyone was set for an experience of a lifetime including your’s trully. If heaven was gonna kiss  the earth, I sure wanted to see it for myself

Excited guests checking in.
The Dome is filled!
The Dome is filled!

The concert kicked off after opening prayers by Min. Rufus and then an energetic praise team from The Rock Image (TRI) got people in the praise mode

The opening
The opening
The Rock Image
The Rock Image

…. Shortly after words, it was time to introduce the MC’s and they were non other than the usual suspects……..

SACO and MC Acapella
SACO and MC Acapella


MC Acapella and SACO have just got to be the most hilarious combination of MC’s at any gospel event. It’s like having Messi and Ronaldo on the same team. Never a dull moment with these guys on stage. I’ve been to a couple of events with them as hosts and their delivery??………… always rib-cracking, trust me.




With the calibre and line-up of artistes on the bill, It promised to be a massive concert. First comedian up on the stage was Loquacious. Not sure I’ve seen him perform before but the guy sure did a good job cracking everyone up….



Then MK’s host choir, TRI came on stage with a brillant performance of the song Kabiyesi. I was particularly in love with their outfit. One of them had hinted me earlier of their performance and what to expect, and they didn’t disappoint.

TRI on stage
TRI on stage
TRI making an entry earlier
The Rock Image making an entry earlier

Now it was time for some red-carpet action and I zoomed outside just in time to catch up with some of the guest ministers and the host himself MK on arrival

SACO, PITA and CEO of GospoGroove and my ABU Zaria Alma Mata Victor Igbinigie.
SACO, PITA and CEO of GospoGroove and my ABU Zaria Alma Mata Victor Igbinigie.
Eben and Lord E with Red Carpet diva Vien007
Eben and Lord E with Red Carpet diva Vien007
Eben in the building
Eben in the building
Kenny K'ore, MK, Gospogroove CEO and Freke
Kenny K’ore, MK, Gospogroove CEO and Freke
MK on the red carpet with Vien007
MK on the red carpet with Vien007


Freke on the red carpet
Freke on the red carpet
MC Acapella with CEO of 1206 Gabby and a guest
MC Acapella with CEO of 1206 Gabby and a guest
DCC Senior Pastor, Pastor Kingsely Okonkwo and Pastor Busayo Adekanmbi (DCC Abuja)
DCC Senior Pastor, Pastor Kingsely Okonkwo and Pastor Busayo Adekanmbi (DCC Abuja)
Johnson Madichie and Freke
Johnson Madichie and Freke
MK and his lovely wifey Ebele with baby Kendra
MK and his lovely wifey Ebele with baby Kendra

Back into the Dome, it was time for PITA’s performance and he did a lovely duet with Palmira.

PITA on stage
PITA on stage

The songs ministered included “Jesus odighe onye dika gi” one of my favorite worship tracks from his album and the song “I will testify” which is the word for the year for David’s Christian Centre. When he was done, it was time to introduce the man of the evening and the chief host of the concert, MK !

MK on stage
MK on stage

Clad in a dark blue designer top with a pair of white trousers and ox-blood coloured shoes, MK and his Phyne Whyne crew were ready to give the crowd a taste of heaven as he started with the soul-lifting worship song “Mo ju bare” and then he performed his hit worship track “Arugbò ojó”. Like I said in my posts preparatory to this event (read it here http://t.co/CpdRMSYDZZ ), this was one of the songs I was personally looking forward to. Some songs are just anointed and this song is one of them…..IMG_20130825_184000


Next up, it was time for another hit song from his album and MK dedicated this particular song to a woman who has played a spiritual-mother role in his life, Pastor Mildred. She happened to be all the way in America but I’m pretty sure she was watching ‘cos the concert was streamed live. The song was is one of her favorites and I’m sure Mk dedicated it to her in appreciation for all her encouragement and support to his ministry. The song is “Odogwu”.IMG_20130825_183716IMG_20130825_183639IMG_20130825_183606IMG_20130825_183753IMG_20130825_183812

Next up, it was time for some comedy and again, another comedian new to me mounted the stage. I’m usually apprehensive when I’m about to witness a comedian’s performance on stage for the first time but believe me, Baba kay cleared my apprehension. The dude was just crazy on the stage with jokes that sent people reeling with laughter……especially the one about…….no, don’t bother, I don’t wanna ruin the joke abeg. Point is, Baba kay over-impressed me and the crowd as well.

Babah Kay
Babah Kay
The audience couldn't just get enough
The audience couldn’t just get enough

Now it was time for some more worship and MC Acapella introduced another guest artiste of the night, kenny kore who performed some worship medleys while playing the Keyboard. His voice kept taking me back to his days with the gospel group Infinity. Also, there were performances from Onos and Eben. I also looked forward to Eben’s performance ‘cos I’m still recovering from his own concert (see it here http://t.co/Xa8YYtxKQr).

He performed my favourite worship song “Jesus, how I love you” from his new album and then he also performed the crowd’s favourite track s “All the way” and “Imaranma”. One thing about Eben, he’s a worshipper. He hadn’t even gone far on stage and people were already praying in tongues in worship. He couldn’t have said it better when he told the crowd, “don’t just leave with the CD, leave with a heart of worship”


Mk was back on stage in his second outfit for the night and performed some more songs including “Ibuchukwu” and “Holy”, Two guest artistes Freke and Onos then took to the stage afterwards. Freke’s songs sent the audience into an ecstatic praise mode with the songs “better go dey follow me” and “I cannot call your name and end up in shame and Onos’s rendition of Chris Tomlin’s “Indescribable” was just awesome.

One artiste I really wished had come though was Efe. I remember driving into festac with MK and Ebele one day and Efe’s album was playing in my car. MK immediately told me that she would feature in his concert and I was super excited but unfortunately I guess she couldn’t make it. You don’t know Efe? Remember the track that Dan foster plays on Praise Jamz on Sunday mornings on Inspiration FM where a lady was extolling all the different names of God and then bursts out in magical tongues? , that’s Efe. Other artistes in attendance were David Nkennor and Eric.


MK came on stage again and profusely expressed gratitude to everyone that had been supportive of the concert, from his pastors, to his choir, to his church and to his family (especially to his mom and sisters for all the childhood flogging that helped put him in the right direction). MK’s appreciation to his wife Ebele was just apt and I was particularly inspired when he said “don’t marry a woman that will give birth to your children but marry a woman that will also give birth to your dreams” and if you know anything about Ebele, you will agree with him.IMG_20130825_181609

Now it was time to dedicate and bless the Sound of Heaven Album and Pastor Kingsley did the honours. One funny twist at this point was when Pastor kingsley told the audience that there were free copies of the album under their seats, oh boy you needed to see people in action o. Everybody became a weight-lifter, lifting up chairs everywhere.

The scenario was just like a typical final episode of gulder ultimate search. Everybody was scrambling for seats and checking under them for free albums. Initially I thought MK was just pulling off a stunt but it was true. There were free copies of his album under selected seats. I wasn’t so lucky but my fiancée was, so I grabbed it from her (before nkò)

PK and MK
PK and MK

Afterwards, Pastor kingsley blessed the album and surprised MK with a car gift for his birthday which was just a few days away. Now it was time to draw the concert to an end and MK introduced no doubt the biggest guest artiste for the night and his musical mentor for the past 8 years, the Wellu-Wellu master himself, Sammie Okposo.

MK and Sammie Okposo
MK and Sammie Okposo

Sammie too was wearing a blue suit and white trousers which was MK’s first outfit for the night and before he sang, he took out time to appreciate MK for his commitment and loyalty to him for the past 8 years and then he too blessed him with a gift of………..wait for it………..another car! Can you beat that!! Two cars in one night! Indeed as Sammie said, “loyalty pays”


That done, it was time for Sammie to pull down the house!. This was his first performance in David’s Christian Centre and he sure made it a memorable one. When a gospel artiste takes of his suit on stage, you can be sure that heaven is about to kiss the earth.


On and on and on Sammie performed his best-selling praise tracks too numerous for me to mention here and of course the crowd was breathless. He was due in America the next day for his Praise Party concert along with MK, so I guess he wanted to give the crowd a sneak peak into what his American concert would look like. Enjoy the pictures……




IMG_20130825_212353IMG_20130825_211912IMG_20130825_211942Mehn, Sammie dey praise God sha.

Mk later rounded up the concert with the performance of his song “Higher” featuring X-Rhymes

In the end, it was an awesome night, not just for the audience and the artistes but for MK himself who by the way is in America as I write this post, performing with Sammie Okposo.sam Congrats MK, you just had your day!Kennedy2(3)

Here are more pics from the concert………


IMG_20130825_172925 IMG_20130825_172121 IMG_20130825_172012 IMG_20130825_171754 IMG_20130825_163449

IMG_20130825_170718 IMG_20130825_172058 IMG_20130825_172238 IMG_20130825_172731 IMG_20130825_172945 IMG_20130825_183710

Thats all for now guys. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to stay tuned for more. Remember, “Every man will have his day”

Johnson Madichie is an inspirational / social blogger based in Lagos, Nigeria and affects the world from there.

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    E' said:
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    Right on time
    Was gonna ban you from attending the party tomorrow
    :p :p :p
    Now lemme read and comment well…

    Agbani Jessica said:
    August 31, 2013 at 2:51 pm

    Yes Jay I had fun in God’s presence…….MK nailed it,heaven really kissed the earth

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    August 31, 2013 at 4:03 pm

    MK is truly worshipper. I noticed that first few works I joined DCC. He has just started.

    catherine said:
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    Nice post Johnson, wish I was there o. Mz E’ so you never read & you have already commented? lolllll. You are the only one I know that would do such a thing o. Heheeheheehheee

    Gabby said:
    August 31, 2013 at 4:24 pm

    Great show, Fantastic Guy. “Me I just dey rock the album wella”. The first track is a killer! Weldone bro…

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    Great piece bro…it was really a WOW experience n I really grooved all the way.

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    Ennie said:
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    Hi, Such an awesome work you are doing here…May God continue to strengthen you in Jesus Name.’Amen’. Please, the song by Efe, do you happen to have it?, I’ve been trying for so long to get it. I will truly appreciate if you can help me out with it. Thank you and keep up the great work. Stay Blessed. You have no Limit!

      Johnson Ifeanyi Madichie responded:
      June 10, 2014 at 2:22 am

      Hi Ennie. Thanks for your comment. I just sent the song to your mail box. Enjoy.

    AA said:
    May 5, 2015 at 9:43 pm

    I’ve been searching for Freke’s I can not call on your name and end up in shame, no way! Please help

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