Heroes of the Kenyan Mall attack: Pictures and Video

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The Kenyan Terrorist Mall attack of September 21, 2013, has come and gone but believe me, the pictures and horrific scenes still leave a shudder down my spine. How can man be so callous and wicked! Its not an experience you would wish anyone. The pictures of the national tragedy we saw on TV were as close as we could get but I came across this video which made me appreciate the level of fear, trepidation and confusion that went on in the hearts of people in the mall when the shootings began. The voice of a woman crying “Gorge where are you” as shots are fired. Men and women squatting to dodge bullets. A woman cautioning another person “don’t go there!”. Some men who ran and hid inside a closet and started making phone calls saying “they must be terrorists” as gun shots got closer. it’s a chilling video. You can literarily feel the fear as the shots are fired…

However, in the midst of all the sorrow and pain and hurt, I choose to identify sets of people who I term as the heroes of the unfortunate disaster. They are the military, the paramedics and the good-samaritans. This is essentially why I ‘m writing this post. To bring out something positive out of all the sorrow. Lives were lost (and I have chosen not to put up fatal pictures here ‘cos its not my style) but some people were equally prepared to lose their own lives to save others and I think we can really learn from this and honour them.


These guys stormed the Westgate mall immediately after the siege and even though they were not prepared to avert the tragedy, they did their best to bring it to an end. They courageously rescued scores of trapped people from within the mall. It was like entering the lions den and grabbing its dinner from its teeth….and some of them actually lost their lives in the process.

I’ll take you to safety
Soldiers rescue trapped Kenyans from the toilet

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A Kenyan soldier rescuing trapped people



Another Kenyan soldier helping a man with injuries
Plain clothed Kenyan security officials rescuing more people from the mall
“Come this way madam”

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These medical personnel risked their lives to save the lives of the survivors and injured by rendering medical services while the siege was on. They put up emergency treatment tents  around the mall and made sure that those who were injured received proper medical care under the dangerous situation.

Medical officials risking their lives to save the injured

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While we may say that the first two sets of people somewhat have a statutory service to render in this kind of situation, this last group decided to show the world that the human life is valuable and must be preserved. They willingly offered service in any way necessary to the victims of the attacks. I’m talking about the scores of Kenyans who came out to donate blood to the victims………….uhlknkl


Infact, the Red Cross had to actually stop volunteers from donating more blood because people had donated enough.


Other good Samaritans brought free food for the victims and the medical workers. It was their own way of helping out…..hvbjkbk

Others simply helped out in any way that they could. People were seen offering succour and assistance to people they never knew. It was a time to look beyond tribe, race or colour………


Good Samaritans assisting a trapped lady escape from the bullets of the terrorists

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As I view these pictures, I cant help but salute the bravery an courage of these heroes. They decided to risk their lives and prove to the world that good will always triumph over evil. Their heroic deeds overcame the evil plot of the wicked cowards and we pray with the families of those affected that God will comfort them.


Before I sign out, just wanna wish all you my esteemed readers a happy 53rd Independence anniversary and pray that indeed Nigeria will rise above its current challenges and be where God has destined for her to be. God bless Nigeria.aaa

That’s all for now guys. Thanks for stopping by as usual and remember, “Every man will have his day”

I am Johnson Madichie


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