10 reasons why i support the Anti-Gay law in Nigeria

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Ok. I’m going to bare my mind and be blunt on this one without apologies and reservations. People say its a controversial topic but I don’t believe so. Its a discussion that we ought not to even have in the first place as sane human beings.

A few days back, President Goodluck Jonathan signed the Anti-Gay bill into law in Nigeria …….1 8 Of course, this generated copious and multifarious reactions. Expectedly, some are in support of it……..


while others are against and I fall in the class of the former. I totally support the Anti-Gay law in Nigeria and I’m not mincing words about it as some people are doing unfortunately. Here are my reasons (supported by some interesting comments I came across on twitter):images6FHUIH8B

1. Same-sex marriages contradict God’s original pattern. The bible is clear on the sexes of married couples. In the garden of Eden, God brought Eve to Adam and Adam said ” this is the flesh of my flesh and the bone of my bone”. Its a clear stamp of approval for a MAN to be married to a WOMAN. As they say, “it was Adam and Eve in the garden not Adam and Steve” (no offence to anyone bearing Steve). I’m just buttressing a point.imagesW6E5TSZQ
The scripture says that “He that findeth a WIFE findeth a good thing, (not a he that findeth a MAN)” Prov 18:22.
“Therefore shall a MAN leave his father and mother and shall cleave unto his *WIFE and they shall be one flesh” Gen 2:24. *Pls note that a Wife is a Female (and I’m not sure modernization has changed it. Neither can surgery)

2. If your parents where both gay, you wouldn’t even be born to be able to read this post, let alone advocate for same-sex marriages.Screen_20140117_054644

3. Gay and lesbianism contradict even natural biology and sciences. Its a MALE sperm that fertilizes a FEMALE egg. (In case we have forgotten simple elementary biology)

4. Some people have said that the Anti-Gay law is hypocritical as there are other urgent issues pending to be addressed but I ask, what could be more urgent than the very threat to human existence?.


Screen_20140117_0541145. The Anti-Gay law is not an abuse or an infringement of human rights because I don’t believe that the practice of a man sleeping with a man or a woman laying with a fellow woman is “human” in the first place. I also believe that most people who claim to be Gay rights activists are just doing it for the attention.uykfuyf

Screen_20140117_054896. Even animals know better. Despite the fact that animals are far lesser knowledgeable beings, they have the right sexual orientation. I watch animal documentaries and I’ve never seen a goat mating with a fellow goat. It always mates with a she-goat. Its just that they care less where they do it and who is watching. (Come to think of it, humans are doing that now sef)imagesML40K10I images3ULC0ORE

7. If this Gay and Lesbian culture were practiced long ago and their rights were protected, I doubt if people would even exist today, talk more of protecting their rights and if the gay culture continues, would they even exist in the nearest future for their “rights” to be protected?.


8. The anus is for excretion. It was never intended to be a sex organ. The only way a man can have “sex” with a fellow man (if we can even call that sex) is through the anus but that in itself is a negation and an abuse of the original purpose of the anus. (Not to mention the fact that I just don’t understand how that works!)

9. Same-sex marriage ain’t marriage. It can’t be called marriage if its same-sex. If two men or two women want to live together, that’s fine but that doesn’t transcend into marriage. Let’s just call it “good companionship”untitled

10. It can get worse!. Today, its a man getting married to a man. Tomorrow, it’ll be a man getting married to a cockroach, a lizard, a monkey or a hippopotamus …..(really trying hard to imagine that but this picture is what keep coming to my head……..lol)imagesJ0FA7ZNI We are already at the edge so what will stop us from going over it?. If course Its no longer news that human beings have sex with animals……..imagesH4HJ4VQG imagesKHXYXISR Screen_20140117_054718but judging by the way things are going with this gay frenzy, I foresee an era when humans and animals will be lawfully wedded.

"I Do"
“I Do”

I mean its so sad that we even got to the point where we need to put up these kind of road signs………imagesN08NCU67

I’ll close with a story in the Bible where perhaps we had the first hint of homosexuality.

“They called to Lot, “Where are the MEN who came to you tonight? Bring them out to us so that we can have sex with them.” Gen 19:5 (NIV)

And what was God’s response?……

“Then the LORD rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the LORD out of heaven;” Gen 19:24 (KJV)


I just hope that the new Anti-Gay law will be fully effective in Nigeria. For once, let’s call the bluff of the United Nations and other countries who are condemning us for this bold step.k;l images80OTBI4D

Someone remarked that the Nigerian police should not be more interested in arresting gay people at the expense of fighting crime but come to think of it, under the new law, arresting gay people is in itself a fight against crime. However, I wouldn’t support any form of jungle justice meted out to suspected transgressors of the Anti-Gay lawnk

2Hey, as blunt as I sound, I have absolutely nothing against Gay people. Its the practice that I don’t agree with. Sometimes I admire the courage and boldness with which some gay people have chosen to be public about their life but I just wish that they can also boldly accept that they have an abnormal life style and seek counseling, prayers and rehabilitation.

I came across this BBM broadcast on this issue and I think its apt to share it here…..

“You asked us to wear coat under hot sun we did! You said we should speak ur language,we obediently dump ours! You asked us to tie a rope round our neck like goat,we obeyed! You said our ladies should wear dead people’s hair instead of natural ones God gave them,they obeyed. You said our decent gals should wear catapult instead of the conventional pants,they obeyed! Now u want our men to sleep with fellow men And women to sleep with fellow women so that God we visit us like sodom and Gomorrah! Oyinbo we say tufiakwa, if u like keep ur aids (assistance) As Nigeria we say NO to GAY relationships and GAY marriage.3

This is where I stand. (I did say I was gonna be blunt!)6

Thanks once again for stopping by.

Up next on JM Blog, “Comedy goes to church….again!” and then I’ll hint you guys on a very important assignment I have in Abia state on Feb 1st, 2014.

Remember, “Everyman will have his day”

Johnson Madichie is an Inspirational blogger who lives in Lagos, Nigeria and affects the world from there.


10 thoughts on “10 reasons why i support the Anti-Gay law in Nigeria

    John Jnr Adike said:
    January 19, 2014 at 4:18 pm

    Nice one, JM. I really don’t get all the hullabaloo myself. The way I see it, common sense should be applied. It’s really not rocket science. The simple scorcher is this – If we were all gays, then wouldn’t all life cease to exist?.
    So, if we can all agree on that, then we should all agree that homosexuality is simply unnatural.
    Another thing that bugs me is why the foreign countries are so bent on legalizing homosexuality. Reading through this article, I couldn’t help but notice the copious amounts of religious laws and condemnations of homosexuality. Even bible passages that butressed the negativity were displayed. Now, my confusion arises from this fact – If the foreigners, who are the orginators of our faith and religion, are suddenly going against it, then who exactly is fooling who? I mean, the whites practically wrote the bible. They introduced us to christianity. They aren’t blind as not to see in THEIR bible that this homosexuality they’re championing is actually against THEIR faith and teachings. So, what exactly is happening? It’s kinda like teaching a child how to farm and then suddenly being angry at that child for being an excellent farmer. They taught us this faith and now they wanna deviate and change the rules midway? Nah, doesn’t work that way, dear oyibos.
    Anyways, I just thought I’d bring that up. But to be honest, for me, it’s more of a common sense issue than a religious issue. Just like the way Senator Yerima’s underage marriage issue should have been seen as a common sense issue instead of an islamic law issue.
    And so, if this homosexuality issue is rightly looked at via the googles of common sense, then we’d all see that it’s simply unnatural and wrong. I always say that whenever we humans are in a trouble, and that trouble can’t be solved with religion or understanding or with a consesnsus, then COMMON SENSE should be the way to go! And when common sense is applied to this ‘trouble’ we’d all see that it’s all just an unnecessary hullabaloo, quite frankly.
    Once again, nice article JM! Everyman will have his day! Big ups bro
    PS: I apologize for ranting too much and for my legthy post. No vex for me, na so my brain dey do wheneva I just say make I write small somethin. My brain go just develop another mind of it’s own via my fingers and I suddenly won’t be able to control it! Lol.

      Johnson Ifeanyi Madichie responded:
      January 19, 2014 at 7:00 pm

      John john na u na. Its allowed. Loll. You made sense sha. I ‘m gonna e-blog ur piece on the abbreviators. Loved it.

    E' said:
    January 19, 2014 at 4:28 pm

    Tz on days like this I don’t like WP cos all I can do is ‘like’ a post just once!!! Ugh!!!
    This made sense on all the levels. I’ll put up a link on my blog. One of your first lines sealed this for me…’Tz a discussion we ought NOT to have as sane human beings…’
    Then the annoying ones are those sitting on the fence. I read one post like that and I was just sad!!! And on a Christian blog. Gosh!!!
    Then I love one of ur closing lines…
    I wish they can publicly also accept that tz not normal and seek help!!!
    Biko the West should keep their aids, and HIV while at it. Alikas!!!
    Longest hiss!!!

      Johnson Ifeanyi Madichie responded:
      January 19, 2014 at 7:01 pm

      Gbam. U hit d nail on the head joooor. Make dem park well with their aids

    E' said:
    January 19, 2014 at 4:31 pm

    And aha!!! I tink I know the assignment!!!

    peterpixels said:
    January 19, 2014 at 6:53 pm

    Ha, this post was a good laugh. I couldn’t tell if some of your points were serious or not though.

    sir william oilwells said:
    January 20, 2014 at 6:26 am

    They have tried is so many ways to cover up this social decadence. Why don’t dey go to israel or the arab world and protest for the gay law.. The will be stoned to death or shot dead. Homosexuality is a sickeness rooted in immorality. And as every infected area… It must be cut off… We can not and must not let it spread no matter the numbers we must cut it off.. Yeah I refer to gay ppl as it… Coz they aint humans… Gay ppl are lower than animals… Guess the animals know better

    Dupsy said:
    January 20, 2014 at 9:02 am

    Nice one Jay!!!

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