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Once again my Mama has over done it and I just had to re-blog. Enjoy Pastor Mildred’s post on Valentine…….and please learn a few lessons from it….and oh….also make sure you attend any of the Valentine programmes lined up especially for you. Enjoy……

just us girls naija

hello people hope you didn’t miss me too much….LOL!  I know it’s that season of love again so of course you know I have something to say about that…

Actually I wasn’t going to say anything o! but something i watched the other day on tv got me thinking….

So, because I married a man who likes all these crime and investigation tinz …I am constantly watching the crime and investigation channel on DSTV. In fact some nights I wake up hearing rounds of gunshots and I wake up with a start till I realize that my pk must have left the tv on and slept off and there are actually no gunmen in my bedroom *phew*

A few nights ago, I was actually watching one of the ” I almost got away with it” series with my pk and this is what happened….

An elderly man who had been…

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