Purple Rose Movie Premiere

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Haven’t been to the movies in a while, infact I think I have a backlog of movies to see at the cinemas, so last week I decided to go watch 300: Rise of an empire. As expected, all the action and slow-motion fighting with swords and spears and arrows and stunts and of course blood  (lots of blood) gave the movie its edge.


imagesH0YGKCDMIf you have watched the first 300 movie, then this sequel really lived up to its expectations. One thing though, isnt it funny how Hollywood always comes up with a reason or an excuse for a sex scene in any blockbuster movie even when it doesn’t add up or make sense. For a movie characterized by blood and violence like 300, sex is pretty much the last thing one would expect but trust Hollywood na. Na only for Holywood na him actor and boss wey dey fight themselves o, go still sleep together and continue their fight after.

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Kinda reminds me what my pastor said one time that even in a movie where Americans go to another planet and meet aliens, somebody will still sha sleep with one of the aliens. Aliens o!……..It is well

So I ran into Bob last Sunday and we got talking and he gave me info about a new movie set to Premiere in Nigeria during Easter and after I saw the trailer for the movie, I was convinced it will definitely sell out. Its called “Purple Rose”

Movie Synopsis: Life is sometimes a little more than the breaking of dawn…the rising of the sun…the gathering of darkness and cosmic awakening of the moon and stars…it is a part of fate….destiny,fortune,adventure and ultimately love…when Dylan however runs into Annette a young lady returning to Accra to prepare for her wedding it turns to be a little more than  both of them bargain for and triggers a web of passion,conflict,betrayal…with two hearts intertwined along a  PURPLE ROSE


The movie features Nse Ikpe Etim and Eddie Watson (House of Gold)as lead characters and is Directed by the Award winning Pascal Amanfo.

Come meet Nse Ikpe Etim,Eddie Watson, Majid Michel and the host of other nollywood stars on saturday 19th of April
2014(Easter saturday)…. It’s all about the movie”PURPLE ROSE”….. Premiering at FILMHOUSE CINEMA,SURULERE 4:00pm
Rate is 5k-Vip, 3k-regular and advance tickets are available at Jumia.com.ng and Filmhouse cinema Liesure mall, Surulere, Lagos. Nigeria.',;,

I’ll definitely bring you more info as the date approaches.


That’s all for now guys. Thanks for stopping by.

Johnson Madichie

“Every man will have his day”





2 thoughts on “Purple Rose Movie Premiere

    msgiddy said:
    March 25, 2014 at 5:34 am

    Oh I agree jay… a must watch. I haven’t been to the movies in ages. I shld go see 300 too. Heard too much about it. Nicee one

    Russul said:
    March 26, 2014 at 6:49 pm

    Nice review of 300, even tho I ve been postponing my visit 2 d cinema also, I ve got some extra reasons to go watch this movie nw(lol)… Captivating way of holding audience wiv write up too

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