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You want proof that God is faithful? You only have to read up my Pastor’s story and testimony. After 8 years of waiting, God honoured His word and blessed her with a beautiful daughter. Today marks her one year birthday and I’ve chosen to save myself the stress by re-blogging (life is easy biko). So read up and enjoy. Again, I love the fact that Pastor M chose to blog in my style………….plenty plenty pictures! Hehehehehe…..

just us girls naija

I woke up today and realised that it’s been exactly 365 days (Nigerian time) since I saw the full manifestation of my testimony. By this time last year, I like Simeon in the bible could also say, “My eyes have seen the Salvation of the Lord”

I still remember the entire day like it was yesterday. I can’t even find the words so maybe I will do this blog post in mostly pictures.

I remember the preggy days 🙂



Then there was the first false alarm and I was sent to the triage. Everyone was panicking. “The baby is not moving!” of course I smiled through it all. Pk sat beside me looking thoroughly bored. After much drama and ultrasounds. They discovered she was sleeping. So she wasn’t moving and I was sent home.



Then a week later I was practically dragged back to the Hospital and induced. Pk and…

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