DCC Goes White! : Details of the memorable White Concert @ David’s Christian Centre.

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If you were coming to Davids Christian Centre for the first time, you would have easily mistaken DCC for NYSC Orientation Camp with all the “White” everywhere.

20140914_170023 20140914_165504 IMG-20140914-01289 IMG-20140914-01288 jjj - Copy IMG_20140914_184047 IMG_20140914_180607


It sure was a sight to behold and an event not to be missed. Everybody came dressed in white! I had personally looked forward to this event ‘cos i knew that amongst other things, it would afford everyone the opportunity to wear that white dress that they didn’t know what occasion to wear it for. What occasion was it?………..DCC ALL WHITE CONCERT!………. I can only imagine all the brands of bleach like Jik, Parazone and Hypo that went to work within the course of the week to make everyone come out looking as white as possible. Lollll

On Sunday September 14th, the Victory Dome of David’s Christian Centre was sprawling with White everywhere, not just from the colour of the dome but from the white dresses of both members and invited guests to the much awaited White Concert. I had fun just watching as people arrived…………IMG_2907 20140914_171226 20140914_170104IMG_3079IMG_2994IMG_2998IMG_2935IMG_2939

Thw White Concert brought out the creativity and fashion sense in a lot of people. Some kept it stylish……………….IMG_3035 IMG_2945 IMG_3098

Some kept it simple……………….

IMG_3139 IMG_3110 IMG_3108 IMG_3038 IMG_3025 IMG_3021 IMG_3010 IMG_2929 IMG_2892 IMG_2891 IMG_2863

Some preferd to keep it traditional………….

IMG_2985 IMG_2941 IMG_2857 IMG_2990

cThere were the blokes who wore it “English”…………IMG_2995



Some were the “naughty” and “bad”guys…………..



Others were the “mallams and “abokis”………………………

IMG-20140914-01291 IMG-20140914-01285Did i also mention the “Athlethes and sports men?”..lol..They were all there!…………………………

aaNow, check out the couples who tried to out-do themselves in white………………………..

IMG_3114 IMG_3097 IMG_2890 IMG_2852a….and then, my favourite (and i’m sure Pastor M’s too),. there were the cute little ones……..awwwwwwww.

IMG_2897 IMG_2837 IMG_2944 IMG_3072 IMG_3127 IMG_3024All departments were good to go and ready to praise God in white, from the Meeters and Greeters……………………

20140914_170104to the Traffic guys…………………..b

We also caught a glimpse of some of the guest artistes and invited guests as they arrived the Victory Dome for the White Concert…….

Akpororo on arrival
Akpororo on arrival
WAZOBIA FM Presenter Babah’Kay and Jessica
Praise and worship leader PC
Praise and worship leader PC


Ace Comedian Odogwu his newly wed wife with another guest
Ace Comedian Odogwu his newly wed wife with another guest
WAZOBIA FM OAP Babah' Kay and Inspirational/Gospel Blogger Johnson Madichie
WAZOBIA FM OAP Babah’ Kay and Inspirational/Gospel Blogger Johnson Madichie
The Covenant
The Covenant
Palmira on arrival

COMEDIAN# wazobia fm 08067516329Well, the Bible did say that Christ is coming for a church without “spot or blemish” and this literarily translated to everyone wanting to be as “white” and “pure” as possible for the White Concert. Hehehehehehehe. If you missed it, I”ll just do my best to capture it all here. The interior of the Victory Dome was simply breath-taking in white…………………IMG-20140914-01294 IMG-20140914-01295 IMG-20140914-01279 IMG_20140914_180533

IMG_20140914_183829 IMG_20140914_180428The concert kicked off with an awesome praise and worship session by The Rock Image


The MC was Acapella and he was in his usal hilarious elements…..IMG-20140914-01278

Acapella on stage
Acapella on stage

The cocert paraded several gospel comedians like Chimaralph, Bishop, Antom D Gimmick, Odogwu, etc…


There were also ministrations from the Rock Extreme and Soul Impact….ministering salvation through dance and drama………………IMG_2961

Rock Extreme
Rock Extreme


Soul Impact
Soul Impact

Then we had an awesome worship session with Pita, Palmira, MK, PC, The Covenant etc

Pita on stage
Pita on stage

PITA shared the testimony of his healing and just wanted to be grateful to God for it. Saw him emotional for the first time on stage as he sang. God is indeed our healer.
Another artiste who was ministering for the first time in DCC was Dubem. her song brought the audiience to thier feet as she ministered with her sonorous voice…….


Palmira also blessed the crowd with one of her new songs……


The Covenant also had a brillant performance as they blessed the congregation……………..

IMG_20140914_201256 IMG_20140914_201246Personally, one of my favourite experiences of the concert was the worship session led by PC. It was his first time of leading a worship session in the victory dome and the heavens just came down. People were ready to mess up their white dresses by kneeling down and pouring out their heart to God as he led worship. It was just awesome.


IMG_20140914_191707 IMG_20140914_192136 IMG_20140914_192130 IMG_20140914_191200Then it was MK’s turn. He did justice to the songs “the glory of the Lord is coming down, Odogwu and the crowd’s favourite “Arugbo Ojo”.

20140914_202744_LLS 20140914_202754_LLS 20140914_202910_LLS IMG_3196 IMG_3188 IMG_3177 IMG_3179 Another highlight for me was the energetic praise session led by MK and PC ……….IMG_20140914_204207

IMG_20140914_204200Then it was time for God’s word and Minister Supo spoke briefly on the significance of white and how it represents purity amongst other things and explained that as christians, we ought to live a pure life.

Min. Supo
Min. Supo

At the end, a young man walked up to the altar and gave his life to Christ. Believe me folks, if this was the only result of the White Concert, it was worth it!IMG-20140914-01297

A soul is saved........the whole reason for the concert
A soul is saved……..the whole reason for the concert

Akpororo finally wrapped up things with a musical performance. I heard him perform gospel reggae for the first time and though it was different, it was also daring cos he did go off key a couple of times (or was I the only one who noticed?). LolllllIMG_20140914_205327 IMG_20140914_205300 IMG_20140914_205251

In the end it was fun and excitement all the way and I’m surely looking forward to the next one.

By the way if you missed it, I hear there’s another gospel worship concert coming up pretty soon which will feature some of these same artistes and more on the Island (MUSON centre) titled “Intense”.intense
Don’t miss it.

Plus, what’s this I hear about a group of women being FEAR.LESS? fearlessDon’t miss that too.

That’ll be all for now guys. Thanks for visiting my blog and be sure to visit again. Until then, always remember, “Every man will have his day”

Johnson Madichie.

Here are more pics from the White Concert…..ibillions (Maison de Accentuer ACCESSORIES) Kemmy✽̤̥̈̊·̵̭̌·̵̭̌«̶⌣®(1) - Copy Kelechi opara  DCC - Copy jjj - Copy IMG-20140914-01282 IMG_20140914_184055 IMG_20140914_195749 IMG_3190 IMG_3095 IMG_3094 IMG_3031 IMG_3011 IMG_2975 IMG_2989 IMG_3008 IMG_2968 IMG_2936 IMG_2873 IMG_2887 IMG_2853 20140914_171458 20140914_172849 20140914_165305 20140914_165047


3 thoughts on “DCC Goes White! : Details of the memorable White Concert @ David’s Christian Centre.

    E' said:
    September 18, 2014 at 2:08 pm


    Well captured Johnson

    pastormildred said:
    September 18, 2014 at 4:14 pm

    Thanks dear felt like I was there live….and yep the kids were definitely my favourite. Got me oooh-ing and awww-ing. Great job

    msgiddy said:
    September 19, 2014 at 5:36 am

    I am beefing, I been dey beef and I will always beef. Chai!!! I am coming home. *wailing* is not fair o..

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