Pics : Gospel Artiste MK tours Europe……

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Nigeria’s Dynamic Gospel artsiste and Music Minister MK is currently on tour in Europe. The artiste who brought us the worship hit song “Arugbo Ojo” was a guest at TREM’s Europe NU Experience Conference in the United Kingdom with Bishop Mike Okonkwo and Bishop John Francis. From there he also proceeded to minister at the New Covenant Church Edmonton…11006456_854927754568627_9125580774909826865_n 10959934_854932884568114_1457887329942321151_o 10993516_854929957901740_2465717789305293629_o 10988923_854932891234780_8310864500461448072_o 11018186_854932777901458_3403889024716489104_omk(7) mk(6) mk(5) mk(4) mk(8)IMG_20150302_00221851

MK also took out time to relax at Arsenal’s Emirates stadium to watch the Arsenal vs Everton match. Good thing we won 2-0……IMG_20150302_0084914 IMG_20150307_0004513 IMG_20150307_0004558 MK(1) mk(2)
Oh and just in case you haven’t gotten his Album Sound Of Heaven, Grab your copy now at a gospel media outlet closest to you


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