Pics : Lagos island “follow follow” beggars

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In my early in Lagos,  I usually frequented Lagos island aka èkò for anything I needed.  Ahhh….. Lagos island.The place was just a life saver. Marina was a popular route and still is.



Only problem I had then was the menace of beggars and I’m not talking of the little kid beggars. I’m referring to the able – bodied rascal men who will snoop from behind you the moment they spot you with a bag or some form of purchase. The next thing you hear is their coarse voice ” egbon ejoor find me something”. How many of y’all feel me? At first, your first instinct and reaction will be to hold your bag tight and walk fast but they quickly catch up with you and others join. You begin to wonder ” is there gold on my forehead? No be this small bag i carry”. Those guys used to annoy me. I recently spotted some of those gum-body beggars harrasing some pretty aso-ebi wearing women along marina and i just had a good laugh………




At this point, I will do either of two things. Either I slap somebody………or I slap somebody.


First, one shows up behind you. Then you walk fast, then he walks fast too. Then another joins him, and another and another. It might not be so bad during the day but picture this scenario at night. E no go funny.
Let’s share our experiences guys. How did you handle them when they came at you? and how can the government arrest this trend biko?…..

Everyman will have his day.


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