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As President Obama leaves office… top 10 Obama pictures.

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In a couple of days, US President Barack Hussein Obama will vacate office. No doubt he has been one of the finest presidents America ever had. I would describe his leadership style in one word………” unconventional “. Here are ten of some my favorite pictures of his unconventional presidency…….

Little boy can’t believe he is actually face to face with Mr President

We will sure miss him.


Lucky Nigerian lady questions Obama at his Townhall meeting in South Africa.

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jvhjWell, its no longer news that President Obama didn’t include Nigeria on his travel itenary to Africa, but at least Nigeria got to virtually participate in the town hall meeting the president held in Soweto, South Africa some hours ago.

It held on the campus of the University of Johannesburg where Obama addressed a select group of young leaders and entrepreneurs across the continent. After making his speech, Obama answered questions from the live audience as well as audiences from Uganda, Kenya and Nigeria who connected via satellite.

The Nigerian studio audience was led by Maope of Channels TV (I think she’s the same lady in the famous “My Oga at the Top” interview) and before she introduced the person to ask Obama the question, she created a funny scene by warning Obama that her studio audience was predominately female so he better be careful. Obama hilariously replied her that he lives with three women in his house (his wife and two daughters) and told her that he was used to it.

Nigerian Studio Audience
Nigerian Studio Audience

Aisha was the Nigerian lady who was privileged to ask Obama a question and trust Nigerians naaa, she asked two:  One question on Nigerian Human capital resource and the second one was on ……you guessed it………Terrorism with reference to Boko haram.

Aisha, the lucky Nigerian lady who asked Obama two questions from lagos via satellite
Aisha, the lucky Nigerian lady who asked Obama two questions from lagos via satellite

Obama brilliantly answered both questions but what really struck me was when he said “Terrorism thrives in countries where the government has failed to deliver to its people”.  I hope GEJ and all of the sycophants in government were listening, ‘cos for me, this was a swipe on our government. Who knows, that may just be the reason he didn’t bother visiting us sef.

Obama responding to Aisha's question via satelite
Obama responding to Aisha’s question via satellite

Obama has only visited Africa twice as US president. The first time, he went to Ghana and now its Senegal, South Africa and Tanzania.

I watched the town hall meeting for a while up till when the studio audience from Uganda and Kenya connected via satellite and asked their questions without hitches but trust me, when it was time to connect to Nigeria’s studio audience in Lagos, I had one prayer point, “Oh Lord, abeg make NEPA no show their talent for the studio”.  hehehehehehe. Thank God my prayers were answered.

Now however, i look back and ask myself, if I was privileged to be the one to ask Obama a question on behalf of almost 150 million Nigerians, what would I have asked him?…………….. What would you have asked him?…………what would he have asked him?

Mr. Ibu
Mr. Ibu

hehehehehehehehe…………….I can already hear Obama saying “abeg, abeg park well “………….


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